Are you yet to invest in sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa – Connect with TSSC now!

Since civilization, cold rooms have played a vital role in our day-to-day life. The fresh vegetables, fruits, medicines and vaccines are stored safely in cold rooms. The temperature-sensitive items don’t get spoiled due to heat and humidity as the cold rooms have quality cold store panels in East Africa to shield and guard the items against moisture and excessive heat damage. The sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa manufactured by TSSC Group are widely used in cold rooms, freezer trucks and other cold chain logistics. If you haven’t yet invested in sandwich panels for your cold rooms, then here are a few things that you should keep in mind before placing your orders.

Highly durable with outstanding strength

The cold store panels in East Africa, known for their durability and strength, can last easily for the next 25 years once installed. The durable panels offer great strength as they are resistant to high impacts, wind uplifts and fire. The panels can withstand and prevent the outbreak of fire to a high degree. Good quality panels don’t require replacements or repairs for the longest time. These panels are also extremely easy to maintain. Yearly professional cleaning is enough for the upkeep and smooth functioning of these panels.

Thermal insulation 

The sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa have a huge fan following for their excellent thermal insulation qualities. The cold rooms need to stay at a specific temperature 24×7. The air coolers function round the clock to keep the items cool and effective. However, in case of a power lapse or any other problems, the cold storage units might malfunction without thermal insulation. With the help of sandwich panels, you get heat insulation inside the cold rooms. The insulation ensures that the cold air does not escape and provides an airtight environment to prevent heat infiltration. The cold storage units need extremely cold temperatures to function smoothly. Therefore, the insulation helps to maintain the specific temperature for hours together. With the assistance of TSSC manufacturers, you can get custom-made sandwich panels that restrict airflow and provide optimal heat insulation.

Energy efficiency is an added advantage that comes with insulation 

Good thermal insulation results in excellent energy-efficiency. Due to heat insulation, the cold rooms do not need the air coolers to function 24×7. The automated air coolers switch off as soon as the desired temperature is achieved. Due to the air coolers switching off automatically from time to time, the energy consumption gets lowered, which in turn results in low utility bills. The energy-efficiency is an added asset as it helps you make savings in the long run.


Energy efficiency is not the only factor that makes the sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa an affordable deal. The durability, strength, mold-resistant and hygienic panels last as long as they are not susceptible to delamination and also do not compact under vacuum. In fact, the insulating materials used in sandwich panels are also comparatively cheaper than other reinforced composite materials used.

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for quality cold store panels in East Africa and want a customized one, reach out to us. At TSSC, our engineers take great care to provide you with the products and services of your choice. Request a quote now.