The utility of display chillers in Saudi Arabia

Display chillers are mainly seen in restaurants, supermarkets, cake shops, pubs and grocery stores. It is easier for stores to display food, beverages and other edibles in low temperatures. Display chillers have ample demand as they are used as a marketing tool. Do you know that chillers provoke shoppers in a way? Yes, it can lead to impulsive purchasing. If you are running a food and beverage counter or have a hotel of your own, investing in display chillers in Saudi Arabia is a great way to add spark to your business. 

Air-tight glass doors – insulation is a priority

Stock up the most interesting and attractive ones inside the chillers and put them on display. Premium chillers are facilitated with locked glass (crystal clear) doors for a clear display of products. There is a locking mechanism for tight security that prevents theft or any other unwanted incidents. The air-tight doors keep the chilled air inside, preventing any amount of heat from entering. These chillers have well-insulated walls that help to conserve energy. The facilities have air coolers attached, for which thermal insulation is very important. These coolers work 24/7 and in case there is a power failure, the chillers make sure that the products stay chill for maximum time. 

Lights and shelves for attraction

The display chillers in Saudi Arabia have internal lights that help in adding attraction and product promotion. TSSC chillers are equipped with low-energy consuming LED lights that can be customized as shelf lights or vertical lights. The use of tiered shelving highlights the visibility of the counters. The shelves help in focusing the products closer which is a mode of attraction. In addition, display counters with glass shelves allow light to reflect throughout the display and the item appears to be floating.       

Celsius – The cooling brand by TSSC

TSSC Group excels in offering insulation and cooling solutions. We have the Celsius brand, where we manufacture modern and functional display chillers. In addition, we have a team of experienced engineers that customize solutions based on your requirements. 

Our display chillers are capable of controlling the humidity and formation of mold, bacteria. The factory-made chillers are hygienic and offer maximum capacity without consuming much space. TSSC’s chillers are lightweight and remain hygienic. Due to hassle-free maintenance and low energy consumption, you do not feel financial stress. 

Choosing the appropriate size

Are you looking for small, medium or king-size display chillers in Saudi Arabia? The size is the most important factor that needs consideration. The appliance size is limited to the floor space. Apart from the budget, the size would depend on the amount and the kind of product you would be storing. Please discuss with our team to choose the ideal size of chiller suitable for your business. Check the specification sheet carefully before purchasing the appliance. You would be able to identify whether it caters to the requirements of intake and exhaust air.  

Customized display chillers in Saudi Arabia 

Are you looking for customized display chillers in Saudi Arabia within your budget and suitable for your purpose? TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia are low-maintenance and are a one-time investment. The chillers are functional and have solid durability. We have more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing top-notch insulated panels in Saudi Arabia. 

Final words

Discuss your project with the TSSC experts and get affordable solutions. 

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