Consider installing standing seam roofs – Knowing the advantages

Standing seam metal roofs are named after their building process. They are made from metal panels that run from the ridge to the edge of the roof. The edge of every panel is a tall seam connecting the next panel measuring anywhere from ½ inch to 1 ½ inch from above the roof. This is why the roof appears to be standing. The metal used could be steel or aluminum; usually, it is preferred because it won’t rust. Metal roofs are not new, but their popularity is newly increasing among commercial building owners. People have started noticing modernity and durability. 

The hot East African climate demands roofing solutions

East Africa is a tropical country where days are extremely hot. A commercial facility dealing with cooling and refrigeration requires a lot of energy to keep the coolers running to maintain a constant low temperature inside the facilities. How about insulating the roofs from where cold air tends to escape? A cooling system that continuously operates for long hours tends to result in a huge energy bill. Cover the roof with a coating of standing seam roof in East Africa. The insulated panels placed over the roofs help build a shield over the original roof adding solid protection. 

Colorful panels add an interesting touch

A standing seam roof adds a vibrant touch to your property as they are available in various colors. You can make a selection of color that matches with your property or choose shades that add a rustic touch to your property. It is worth mentioning that even homeowners are interested in installing seam roofs. A light color could be beneficial as it would help the roofs to reflect sunlight and prevent the attic from getting excessively heated. 

Insulated roof panels – the most essential requirement

Insulation is the biggest advantage that standing seam roofs deliver. These roof styles are durable; they are built to last for years, do not fade under sunlight and do not rust. The seams run only in a vertical manner and this is why the seams are raised. These roofs can be pierced, dented and are more long-lasting compared to an asphalt roof. For instance, seamed roofs can last for 50 years while the asphalt ones for about 20 years. Four types of roofing panels offer thermal insulation:

  • A mechanically seamed panel
  • The one-piece snap-lock panel
  • The symmetrical mechanically seamed panel
  • The two-piece snap-lock panel
Seam roofs customized and designed by experts

TSSC panels are designed by experts and can be customized according to your preference. A standing seam roof is lightweight and is simple to install. In addition, TSSC panels can endure the pressure of wind and have fire-resistivity. The seam roof is engineered to have a long shelf life. The panels require minimum maintenance, and the roof would never collapse during heavy rainfall, hailstorm, and snowfall. 

Trust TSSC solutions 

TSSC group is one of the most eminent insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. We have been designing insulation solutions for almost 50 years. Come to us for a free consultation. Please discuss your project with us and have a consultation with the TSSC experts. Request for a quote.