Know why it has become essential to invest in a refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia

Businesses in Saudi Arabia are now flourishing and the need for cold storage units is on the rise. The manufacturing of cold rooms for storing temperature-sensitive commodities is also paving the way for investing in the refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia. TSSC manufacturers are aware of the harsh weather conditions and the need for premium quality cold store panels in Saudi Arabia to manufacture the cold chain chambers. If you have plans of remodeling a cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia or investing in a customized refrigerated truck, then here are a few things you need to know:

It’s all about thermal insulation 

The cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia known for its heat insulation properties, is a must for hot places like Saudi Arabia. Businesses store temperature-sensitive items like vaccines, medicines, chemicals, foods, beverages and the list goes on. The items get stored at a specific temperature to maintain their freshness and efficiency. However, the real challenge comes in the transportation of these commodities. That’s why TSSC manufacturers have come up with the durable and heat-resistant refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia to deal with the transport hassles.

What is the job of the refrigerated truck box? 

The refrigerated box is a professional vehicle with an attached cooling system that maintains a certain temperature all throughout the journey. The cooling truck can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius with a limit till +15 degrees Celsius. The airtight truck restricts the flow of air and can hold the cold temperature for about 10 hours, even if the cooling system is turned off. So, in case you fear a breakdown, TSSC refrigerated trucks can assure you of optimal heat insulation for protecting the product’s efficiency.

Manufactured with high-quality cold store panels in Saudi Arabia 

The freezer trucks are extremely lightweight as TSSC engineers use only 6 panels to build the entire truck with excellent insulating properties. The panels help in controlling moisture and humidity inside the truck bodies. The mold-resistant panels are anti-bacterial, which ensures the topmost hygienic conditions. The truck is weather-resistant due to the brilliant insulating properties of the high-quality panels. The corrosion-free quality of the truck makes it all the more functional, strong and durable. The most coveted thing about TSSC trucks is that you can control and monitor the temperature inside the trucks by adjusting them according to the requirements of the commodities for transportation. For example, medicines and vaccines would need a cooler temperature than food and beverages. The temperature adjustment is an added advantage along with the insulation.


Insulation does much more than just maintaining a specific temperature. Since insulation traps the cold air inside, the air cooler inside the trucks does not need to work 24×7. The coolers can be switched off, or sometimes they automatically stop when the air reaches a particular temperature. Therefore, the heat insulation saves energy consumption to a great extent, which in turn reflects in low utility bills. Most energy-efficient trucks are long-lasting and customized to meet the specific requirements of the project.

TSSC is the one-stop destination for the refrigerated truck box

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