All you wanted to know about sandwich panels in Dubai

Sandwich panels are an economical and convenient solution to protect your building externally. The lightweight and durable panels make excellent clad roofs and external walls of the buildings. The panels have also been of good use as insulated internal walls for the cold storage units. TSSC is one of the leading manufacturers providing premium quality insulated roof panel in UAE. With over 40 years of expertise in the building and construction industry, the manufacturers are the most trusted brand of every contractor and developer. Sandwich panels in Dubai generally come to use in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, cold storage units, power plants, residential areas and so on.

The lifespan of a sandwich panel

The most asked question is about the longevity of the sandwich panels. The panel’s life depends upon a lot of factors like the design of the panel, technical specifications of the product components needed as per the requirements of the building, climatic conditions and so on. To provide high-quality sandwich panels in Dubai, TSSC engineers consult with the contractors to manufacture panels that have the load-bearing capacity and design to match the needs of the building. The panels get manufactured in a calculative manner to ensure that the quality panels last for years. Each project is different and sandwich panels need to get customized as per the requirements.

Sandwich panels and complementary products need yearly maintenance. For maintenance and cleaning, hire professionals and fix even the most minor eternal damages without delays.

Sandwich panel – The three-layered panel

Sandwich panels provide thermal and acoustic insulation. These waterproof panels offer fire and load resistance to the buildings. True to its name, the panel has three layers – the inner sheet, the insulated core and the outer sheet. The two galvanized steel sheets protect the insulated core. The insulating material gets selected as per the needs of the building. PUR, PIR, EPS and Mineral wool are the insulating materials used in sandwich panels. The insulated panels manufactured are suitable for projects that need thermal insulation, humidity control, sound insulation and fire resistance.

Advantages of sandwich panels

Easy and fast installation: Custom-made sandwich panels with high-tech engineering go through quality control processes to ensure that the panels are fully compatible and come in ready to assemble pieces.

Good thermal insulation: The panels offer high thermal insulation and prevent problems related to molds and humidity. The robust and durable panels are energy efficient and help you reduce your utility bills. The thickness of the panels varies as per the load-bearing capabilities.

Economical: Sandwich panels are economical as they can be easily disassembled and reuse in future building projects. The lightweight panels are durable and easy to transport, the maintenance of sandwich panels is minimal. TSSC engineers offer budget-friendly solutions to contractors and developers. By selecting custom-made panels, the contractors can save time on building and installation work. The easy mounting panels are a practical solution for contemporary building and construction work.

Aesthetics: The sandwich panels and the insulated roof panel in UAE come in different colors and the structures get positioned horizontally, vertically, or in an angular manner. The different designs of the panels can enliven the outer walls of the buildings and give the structure an aesthetic appearance.

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