The importance of installing sandwich panel roofing systems by TSSC in the UAE

Sandwich roof panels having higher bearing capacity are manufactured implementing advanced technology and top-quality materials. Sandwich panels are made of three layers: there is a core inside and two outer coverings, creating a sandwich look. The outer layers are made of protective tough covering and the core acts as the heater. Most of the time, the external layers are made of OSB boards. Sometimes, only one side of the outer layer is made of profiled steel sheets. But sandwich panels that use OSB in the external layers are apt for overlapping roofs as they have waterproofing qualities. 

The insulating core 

Generally, polystyrene and polyurethane foam is used to form the insulating layer. These materials do not absorb moisture. Polyurethane foam is used often as it has fire-resistant properties. The outer sides of the panels have skates that have a height of 40mm. This increases the durability and rigidity of the material. 

The two types of sandwich panels

If you compare the dimensions of sandwich roofing panels to other building materials, you will find dissimilarity. There are two types of sandwich panels, namely standardized and customized. Talk to the TSSC experts in the UAE for customized solutions. If you plan to install panels in areas with harsh climatic conditions, you can customize the thickness accordingly. 

Sandwich panel advantages

Take a look at the advantages of sandwich panel roofing:

  • The panels offer superb thermal insulation 
  • These panels can last for almost 25 years or more
  • Simple and quick installation and also dismantling
  • The panels are lightweight, and the parts can be easily replaced if required
  • TSSC sandwich panels have high wind resistance, heat, and cold resistance and do not experience any deformation at a high snow pressure. 
  • The materials are affordably priced. 
  • We deliver finished products; the panels do not require additional processing. 

TSSC panels are durable and light-weight 

Most businesses in the Middle East rely on sandwich panels as insulation is a necessary factor. TSSC sandwich roof panels are ideal for commercial use. The panels are durable, tough, and long-lasting. The foam inside panels has waterproof qualities. 

For those who are looking for lightweight panels, invest in glass fiber panels. These panels are eco-friendly, sound-absorbing, non-flammable, and easily transportable. Lightweight Styrofoam is available in honeycomb form. You can use mineral wool to make the construction process easier. Mineral wool can endure very high temperatures; it is anti-corrosive and bears thermal insulation.

Simple and quick installation

TSSC roof panels take only 7-8 hours for an expert contractor to install. The installation is simple and stress-free. All materials, including subframes, fasteners, screws, are safely transported to the site.

Consult with our experts 

Are you planning to invest in a roof panel system and interested in discussing your project requirements with us? Reach the TSSC experts for a consultation. TSSC is the leader in the Middle East. A lot of customers rely on our insulated panels and building materials. You can order panels directly from TSSC, where you can enjoy lucrative deals and discounts. At our store, you can also shop for all types of accessories. 

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