Why should you invest in TSSC insulation solutions for commercial and residential use?

Constructing cold storage requires consideration of a lot of things. Among all those, temperature control is the most important factor. Cold storages are large units mainly used to store perishable items or items vulnerable to temperature alterations. They include raw vegetables, fruits, beverages, and medicines…etc. 

Cold storage solutions in the UAE

 Do you wonder how you would maintain the temperature of the cold store room? TSSC suggests installing insulated cold store panels. The Middle East always experiences very extreme weather conditions. The days are very hot and the nights are cooler. But a constant low temperature is very necessary for the cold store interiors. TSSC is one of the most renowned cold store panel suppliers in the UAE. We design advanced panels for cold store owners in the Middle East. They have successfully installed and we have many positive reviews. 

Advantages of cold store panels 

Here are the top advantages of cold store panels

Highest energy efficiency

Most industries that rely on cold storage units are concerned about high energy consumption. Temperature regulation involves heating and cooling. This leads to a higher energy bill. TSSC cold store panels are modern, superior-quality, and energy-efficient, helping to bring down the cooling costs. TSSC panels use the least energy required to stabilize the interior temperature. Our insulated panels do not allow thermal drift. Hence, very low energy is consumed and customers can save money. The operation costs can be lowered by about 50%. 

Class-apart insulation 

Our engineers have kept in mind that insulation is an essential factor. They have sufficient thermal conductivity, which is mandatory for controlling cold room temperatures. TSSC panels utilize board insulation for improved insulation. 

Low maintenance cold store panels

If you invest in a cooling facility, use cold room panels for solid performance. Avoid huge maintenance costs by installing low-maintenance panels by TSSC. The installation procedure is inexpensive. It does not take much time but one experienced contractor to complete the one-step installation procedure. 

Unique designed panels 

Our cold storage insulated panels are versatile, ideal for industrial refrigeration. We design panels of various shapes, colors, materials, and sizes. The panels have fire-rating and resistivity. TSSC has a team of experienced engineers who also design customized solutions. 

Portable refrigeration systems 

You can also be interested in portable refrigeration systems. These skids mounted or movable units are ideal for smaller interiors. We use steel or aluminum sheets for durability and portability, PIR and PUR for insulation. 

Advantages of cold-rolled steel 

TSSC also offers insulation solutions for residential high-rises and commercial buildings. We manufacture building envelopes made from cold-rolled steel. Steel is cold rolled, and its properties are altered for improved insulation. The metal is even more durable and has better strength. Cold rolled steel buildings have plenty of advantages:

  • Simple and stress-free assembling
  • Lower cost of laying the foundation
  • Flexible modular designs
  • Stronger construction
  • Eco-friendly

Let us hear your requirements 

TSSC offers panels and building materials for residential and commercial use. TSSC is an ISO 9001 company in the Middle East catering to client requirements for more than four decades. Discuss your project with our team; we also offer after-sales support—request for a quote.