TSSC offering wall panel systems – knowing more about Lightweight cement wall

Lightweight concrete is a kind of concrete that includes an expanding agent; it increases the mixing volume while offering different qualities like lesser dead weight. Lightweight panels are used in prefabricated constructions in erecting various structures. The specialties of lightweight concrete are low density and better thermal conductivity. Lightweight concrete can be either lightweight aggregate concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete, or foamed concrete. These lightweight blocks are efficiently used in building construction. 

Lightweight blocks can be formed using various types of lightweight aggregates. These originate either from natural materials, thermal treatment of raw materials like slate, clay, or shale, industrial by-products, or processing of the industrial by-products. 


What is foamed concrete?

This type of concrete has low-density and is highly workable, integrating up to 75% dragged air. It is usually self-compacting, self-leveling, and can also be pumped. Foamed concrete is generally used for filling up the extra voids like disused fuel tanks, pipelines, sewer systems, and culverts. Adequate thermal insulation properties make foamed concrete suitable for insulation on concrete roofs, filling under-floor voids and sub-screeds. 


The benefits of lightweight concrete: 

Lightweight aggregate concrete is used for structural applications; the strength is equal to that of normal concrete. The benefits of lightweight aggregate include:

  • Better thermal properties.
  • More fire-resistance 
  • Reduction in propping and foam work
  • Savings in transportation and handling of the precast units on the site. 
  • Reducing the dead loads, saving in foundations. 

Lightweight concrete explained:

The lighter the concrete, the more the differences in the properties of concrete. The ultimate strains, tensile strength, and shear strengths are lower than normal-weight concrete, having the same cylinder strength. This concrete also have lesser stiffness than the normal stability of concrete. Shrinkage and creep for lightweight concrete are pretty high compared to the normal weight of concrete. This is considered while designing the structure. 

Batching of concrete is usually done from ready-made mixed concrete manufacturers. The concrete can be placed easily by a chute or skip. You can get pumping lightweight concrete, but you also need to take a lot of care that the concrete mix is not separated. If it’s a pumpable mix, you can use natural sand. When over vibration is applied to a lightweight cement wall, it causes segregation.   

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