What’s so unique about the standing seam roof in East Africa?

Metal roofs get regarded as one of the most coveted choices in hot countries like East Africa. Commercial buildings, residential homes, industrial places and agricultural units prefer investing in the standing seam roof in East Africa above all others. However, you need to have a good manufacturer to get your customized roofing solutions for the buildings. TSSC Group is one of the top-notch industry leaders in the building and construction sector. With the use of advanced technologies, the insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa get you high-quality materials that last long and offer several advantages on the go. Here are a few reasons why the standing-seam roofs are worth every penny.

No exposed nails or screws 

The standing seam roof in East Africa does not have any external hardware like screws or nails. Instead, the roof panels have interlocking pieces and parts that make them durable and strong. In addition, the interlocking system allows thermal movement without creating leaks.

Customization is necessary 

Due to temperature fluctuations, the standing seam metal roof expands and contracts. TSSC manufacturers design and customize the roof panels exclusively to ensure the seams, metal trims, and transitions don’t break the water-tight sealing, leading to leakages. However, the roof panels are water-tight and do not allow moisture, ice, or snow to enter through the metal joints. The height of the seam depends on the application and needs customization for optimal performance.

Metal thickness and paint of the roof panels 

The thickness or gauge of the steel is as important as the paint. The seam roof panels need to have a good thickness to ensure greater durability. The manufacturers use silicone polyester paint that does not fade and enhances the aesthetics of the building. Did you know the roof panel can last for more than 60 years with minimal upkeep? The insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa refer to the roof panel as the ‘lifetime roof’ because of its high durability and resilience. The roof panels do not require regular cleaning. Just professional maintenance once a year is enough for its upkeep.

Weather resistance – The Cool Metal Roof 

The standing seam roof has excellent weather resistance properties. The cool metal roof has cooling pigments that reflect heat and ensure a cool environment indoors. East Africa is a hot and humid place. The buildings need an insulated roof overhead to counteract external heat and keep the inner chambers at a cooler temperature. The roof surface doesn’t allow snow, hail, rain, or dust particles to enter the interiors. The external elements glide away easily. The seamless panels look visually pleasing and also don’t allow dust, dirt, and wastes to accumulate at the corners.

Lightweight and easy to install 

Although the seam roof is lightweight, making the installation easier, it’s also the sturdiest amongst all. The roof panels are resistant to wind uplifts and act as a barrier against high impacts and wind pressure.

Wrapping Up 

Get your seam roof manufactured at TSSC. With almost five decades of experience, the top-notch manufacturers get you customized roof panels at affordable prices. Request a quote now. Book a free consultation session. Get in touch with our proficient engineers.