You have plenty of options to consider when you are looking for a new roof for your property

Standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is a concealed fastener metal panel system with vertical legs and a wide broad area between both legs. Standing roof panels have raised seams above the panel’s flat area level. The seam roofing is a superior quality system generally used in commercial construction. The Saudi Arabian climate is very hot. Air coolers sometimes fail to perform which results in higher energy bills. The roof should have another layer of covering for adequate insulation. 

There are various advantages of these roof panels:

  • Flexible design 
  • Low energy consumption
  • Weather tight 
  • Superior acoustics
  • Curved and tapered sheets
  • Thermal insulation – thermal expansion
  • Varying cover width


They do not have exposed fasteners

The standing seam metal roofs have no visible fasteners and this is one of the most significant advantages. This means that the panels are not exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, wind, moisture, snow, and other elements of nature. Standing seam panels do not have holes so there is no fear of water leakage. 

Seamless contraction and expansion – standing seam

The standing seam panels are prone to moisture penetration. They are positioned 2″ above the height of the panels which prevents leakage of the roof. TSSC Group uses long sheets so that the panels do not overlap. The panels are flexible for better contraction and expansion resulting from thermal movement. We suggest that the metal sheets should be over 40 feet long. 

TSSC Group – promoting value engineering

Install a standing seam roof panel in Saudi Arabia to safeguard the roof of your commercial space. Standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia requires the least maintenance but is long-lasting. The panels can last for almost 40-70 years. TSSC’s insulated sandwich panels offer advanced thermal performance. This offers a shorter construction time for the buildings. The insulated roof and wall panels are easy to install. They are available in a combination of flat and corrugated finishes. Though the cost is a little higher, it is worth the investment. 

The Harwal BASICO brand 

The Harwal BASICO is the brand name under which TSSC Group manufactures metal standing seam panels. The products are functional and manufactured using advanced technology. TSSC Group promotes value engineering to the clients. TSSC Group offers exceptional service applying concepts through 3D designing, solid engineering, manufacturing, installation and on-time project delivery. Please visit our website for information on insulated panels. Get in touch with our experts for a project-related discussion. Book a free consultation with the TSSC engineers. 

Final words

Explore an extensive range of energy-efficient insulated wall and roof cladding panels. Choose a standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia from different profiles available in varying sizes. The performance generally dictates the size, it depends on how well the size matches the profile and buyer preferences. Please discuss your project with our team and request a quote.