Why should you insulate your roof slope? Installing standing seam roof in Oman

The roof is the integral part of any building structure and without a proper roof, the foundation and walls are defenseless. A well-maintained roof shields the building from harsh elements. Insulating a roof refers to shielding the roof slope, above and below the rafters. 

Roof insulation – very important

Insulating a roof is important to increase the lifespan of the structure. Insulation has undergone major changes over the years but the purpose of it remains the same. It is all about keeping the heat inside or outside as required. Do you know that insulating your roof will help you save money each year? The right kind of insulation will lower your energy costs. Using lesser energy also means that you care for the environment and reduce the carbon footprint. The roofing is exposed to a number of environmental pressures than other building parts. Various elements of the weather like rain, cold, heat and snow cause damage by interfering with the insulation. 

TSSC Group manufactures lightweight roof panels

TSSC Group designs snap-lock and mechanically seamed panels. The snap-lock panels are attached to the deck with clips for thermal movement of the insulated roof panels. The mechanical seam panels are similar to snap-lock panels. The clips attached in place should be crimped with a machine. There are four types of standing seam metal roof panel available – double-lock seam, one-piece snap-lock interlock, symmetrical seam and two-piece snap-lock interlock. TSSC’s standing seam metal roofing panels are lightweight, durable and can last for more than 50 years. Our engineers design structurally aesthetic and advanced standing seam roof in Oman. Once installed, the seam roofs require no further maintenance. Standing seam panels are available in varying width ranges from 12’’ to 18’’. The wide panels offer greater value with 18’’ panels which are cost-effective. 

TSSC – the leaders in designing insulated panels

TSSC Group is a renowned brand in the Middle East and Gulf region that designs insulated building and roofing structures. We top among the companies in offering roofing and cladding solutions. We have been operating in the country for more than 50 years and we have a huge number of esteemed clients. The total cost of insulating the roof depends on your choice of material. Insulating a flat roof can take up one-quarter of the total roof installation cost. TSSC Group has been the leader in designing modern standing seam roof in Oman for more than four decades. 

We suggest exterior roof insulation

Insulating the exterior part of your roof has advantages. It avoids emptying your rooms in the attic and the living space does not decrease. This also limits the risk of thermal bridges so it is preferred if you are planning a roof renovation. You can insulate from inside incase of newer construction. Please discuss your project with our experts for a solution. We recommend you to choose the color of your roof and we can customize the rest for you. 

Final words

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