5 Important Reasons to Invest in Sandwich Panels for Cold Storage in East Africa

Sandwich panels manufactured by TSSC for cold storage purposes. The lightweight metal sheets are either profiled or non-profiled and are filled with insulation material between them. The durable and low maintenance insulated sandwich panels provide effective ways to construct cold rooms and warehouse storage facilities. These maintain a spectrum of temperature between 15 degrees C to -40 degrees C and provide short and long term storage and transportation of food and related raw materials, of required organs and cadavers at hospitals and morgues and other materials that require preservation. 

Also, East African countries have developed sustainably beneficent and efficient methods of farming which has led to higher food production. Without proper preservation and storage, through warehousing, cold room and mobile cold stores, it is not possible to successfully benefit from this higher agricultural produce. Besides the naturally extreme and harsh climate of Saharan and sub-Saharan East Africa, these countries have also felt the effects of global warming and acute food shortages in many areas. This requires food and other perishable commodities to be preserved by the construction of cold store sandwich panels in East Africa, which goes into the making of warehouses, cold rooms and mobile preservation facilities.

 Some of the distinct reasons to invest in sandwich panels in East Africa are:

Strong Insulation:

One of the major reasons to invest in sandwich panels is the superior insulation material that is used to fill the space between the metal sheets. Usually this is mineral wool or mostly polyurethane that is injected under high pressure into the space between the panels. Also, further insulation is provided by UV-resistant special paint that coats the metal panels and reflects both thermal and light energies. This combined heavy insulation keeps and regulates the temperature in the warehouses, cold rooms, chillers, freezers and mobile refrigerating facilities between the required range of 15 degrees and -40 degrees C and preserves food and related supplies for short and long terms.

Ease of Installation and Construction:

It is very easy to install and assemble the sandwich panels with minimum labor and low costs. The innovative and unique slip joint and cam lock technologies make it very easy to assemble and join multiple sandwich panels in East Africa. Whether being used for the construction of large warehouses or mobile refrigerators, the TSSC sandwich panels are flexible to assemble, join and also dismantle in installation or transportation processes.

Low Cost Maintenance:

TSSC sandwich panels have zero maintenance costs as the insulating polyurethane is both low cost and does not need to be regularly replaced. Apart from the long term durability of the insulation, the metal panels are also smooth, streamlined and structurally minimalist, thus requiring very limited maintenance.

Non-Toxic, Waterproof and Resistant to Combust:

The cold store sandwich panels in East Africa manufactured by TSSC are structurally strong and streamlined in their fittings making them both leak and waterproof. The insulation material is non-toxic and so are the paints that coat the profiled or non-profiled metal sheets. The insulation core meets both FDA and FM requirements and the sandwich panels are fire-resistant for over an hour and also helps limit the spread of fire. However, it is best to consider factors such as the duration of fire-resistance, the height of the buildings in which  the warehouses and cold room facilities are housed, and the type of core. It is best to have polyurethane or PIR Core for resistance to fire.


All the reasons mentioned above point towards a strong and durable character of the sandwich panels. The durability of TSSC panels, their flexibility and low costs of buying, labor and maintenance make them the quality choice for your warehouse and refrigeration facilities.

The strength, durability, low cost, flexibility and structural aesthetics of cold store sandwich panels by TSSC make them the highest quality choice you can find in the market. TSSC uses innovative preservation, lock, and insulation technologies to give you a unique experience in food storage in East Africa.

Final words

TSSC is one of the top-notch sandwich panel manufacturers in East Africa. Visit our website here or call us for a free sample of our sandwich panels. For more information and getting a free consultation on your project visit our page now. Get a quote within a single day.