The advantages of prefabricated modular buildings – TSSC offers custom solutions

The construction industry well accepts prefabricated modular buildings. They come with many benefits, including cost-effectiveness, safe to use, faster to build, and the most significant alternative to traditional construction. When you opt for modular buildings, you can save almost half of your occupancy and time. So, if you are already planning a custom-building project, it could be a prefab modular construction. 


By choosing modular buildings, you can save 50% of your occupancy and time. These buildings are manufactured and assembled inside the factory premises with a controlled environment; then, every module is set up one by one correctly. The assembly line process is used, and it all initiates with building the frame then the process ends with building the inner space and exterior. The modules are then transported to the construction site; the transportation process is simpler. Once it reaches the construction site, they are assembled to form a building. Modular buildings have a particular benefit, the overlapping of onsite and off-site construction process overlaps. 

TSSC are the leaders in manufacturing and designing prefabricated buildings for commercial and residential purposes. We function in the Middle East, in the UAE, and we have successfully delivered so many prefab buildings for various uses. We have an expert team and implement modern techniques. We build office units, camps, labor accommodation spaces, storage spaces, dining areas, and portable cabins. We convert containers that allow hassle-free transportation and are useful in constructing high-rises. TSSC’s Flatpack modular units enable easy transportation. 

Our prefab structures are incredibly light-weight, energy-efficient, and use sturdy steel frames; they take the least time to erect, weather-resistant, anti-termite treated, and have an elegant look. We use light gauge steel for building prefab buildings; we also have a team that offers installation service. TSSC also has advanced shelters for telecommunications and for storing electrical equipment. 

There is something special about the foundation of prefab modular buildings. The foundation plays a significant role; there are two types: the grade and raised foundation. The raised foundation is ideal for permanent and temporary modular buildings. Here, the modules are placed on the concrete blocks. The structure can be disassembled without much effort, and there is no need for a crane to put the completed modules in the ultimate assembling process. 

Now, the grade foundation is the most common, and it is done by placing a foundation wall surrounding the perimeter of the building. This type of foundation is suitable for constructing the basement for buildings. The experts need to set all the modules using a crane in the final assembling step for using an on-grade foundation. 

Once the onsite procedures and preparations are complete, our experts install the building. There is a particular kind of order to deliver and stage the modules to maintain the assembling process’s efficiency and smoothness. We use a crane to put the foundation; also, the building components are attached. During this time, the interior and exterior are completed, we also connect the utility. 

TSSC has set up any prefab homes successfully in the UAE, and we have a list of so many satisfied customers. We are the pioneers in offering insulated panels, building materials, and construction supplies. If you plan to invest in a prefab home, we give you options to choose from many attractive finishes and insulating materials. 

Please discuss your project requirements with us; we ensure lower cost and higher ROI. Call us today.