The Advantages of Using Sandwich Panels for Cold Storage

Sandwich panels have a variety of uses in construction and engineering. They contribute to aircraft technology, space travel and aeronautics, and mobile and permanent cold storage facilities. In countries with extreme climate conditions, sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman use them to construct cold storage facilities and real estate. In addition, sandwich cold store panels in East Africa provide much-required protection and preservation to food and related raw materials from high temperatures. The following is an overview and explanation of the distinct advantages of sandwich panels for cold storage in Oman.

Lightweight and Aesthetic in Structure:

TSSC sandwich panels are produced through a process of experimentation and rigorous quality control. The panels are made from profiled or non-profiled light metal testing for bending, impact, and vibration. Tensile strength is provided through structural aesthetics. TSSC sandwich panels for cold storage in Oman guarantee both flexibility and resistance against bending, impact, and vibrations due to transportation.

Durability and Resilience:

Sandwich panels for cold storage in Oman are highly durable and resilient due to the strictest quality control measures through testing and the metal category used in their manufacturing process. In addition, the profiled or non-profiled surfaces have high longevity and are resilient from impact or bending due to any mobility.

Temperature Regulation and Insulation:

Permanent cold room storage, depending on size and usage, might be categorized into two types. These two types are walk-in cold rooms and warehouse storage facilities. The third kind of cold storage manufactured by TSSC is the portable skid-mounted refrigerator used in the transportation and movement of food and related raw materials and for hospital facilities. Walk-in cold room storage facilities are smaller and used by the retail industry to store food for shorter periods. The reason for the short period is that such food gets quickly replenished from the shelves of retail stores. Warehouse cold storage facilities are larger and used in larger stores to store food and raw supplies for longer periods. Both temperatures need to be maintained from 15 degrees C to -40 degrees C in cold warehouse storage for longer periods. The heavily insulated cold store panels in East Africa can maintain the range of low temperatures. This is done by the non-conduction of any possible thermal energy from outside into the room and maintaining the low temperatures inside the room. 

The injection of polyurethane foam under pressure between the metal-made sandwich panels during manufacture provides effective insulation against thermal conductivity. The polyester pre-painted or PVC-coated galvanized steel, simply stainless steel or stucco-embossed Aluminum, provides the cladding to the smooth or profiled metal sheets of the sandwich panels. According to the category of cold rooms, regulation and maintenance of the temperature spectrum between 15 degrees C to -40 degrees C are provided by the thick insulation material between the sandwich panels.

Well-fitting Regular or Customized Panels:

TSSC manufactures premium sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa that are perfectly streamlined products and seamlessly meet customized requirements for the different categories of cold rooms. The floor ceiling and wall panels are made equal in size or according to customized requirements. Both corner and wall panels are used for multiple compartmentalizations. 

The claddings covering the metallic panels are ‘U’ shaped at the edges to form superior adhesion between the metal sheets and the insulating polyurethane foam. These are also ribbed in a shallow manner to provide extra strength and dimensional stability.

Non-Toxic and Waterproof Insulation:

The polyurethane insulating foam in sandwich panels for cold storage in Oman is non-toxic, does not deteriorate over time, and does not absorb smells. The panels are also waterproof, do not cause allergies, and are resistant to fungi or mildew. This ensures that the cold room storage is well-intact and preserved.

Assembly joining and Slip joint system:

TSSC sandwich panels for cold storage in Oman are assembled and joined by a unique slip joint system to reach the required size in the construction of cold room ceilings, floorings, and walls. The joint slip system is an interlocking and tongue-and-groove technology that provides high structural stability, sealing, and waterproofing unsurpassed by any existing technologies. The longitudinal joints interlock with panels slipping into place to achieve superior tightness and insulation and allow easy and smooth installation. At the same time, structural strength and thermal efficiency are improved while imparting a clean, smooth, and aesthetically minimalist look.

Cam lock joints and Fire Resistance:

Sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman also employ cam lock joints as the next step to assemble the panels to construct ceilings, floors, and walls of the required size for the cold rooms. After the longitudinal slip joint joins the panels, the tongue and groove system of the cam locks interlock together. The cam locks are permanently molded into the insulating foam at the time of manufacture and smoothly slip in place and seal the sandwich panels while assembling. Cam locks also make TSSC cold storage easily expandable and dismountable, thus allowing flexibility in reassembling the panels at multiple locations.

Final words

TSSC sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa utilize various core materials like mineral fleece, expanded polystyrene (EPS), PIR (Polyurethane), and polyisocyanurate according to requirements. The PIR insulating core is recommended for construction where fire and heat are factors to consider.

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