Affordable and advanced roofing solutions by TSSC in the Middle East

Roofing is a very important part of building construction, and now there are various types of roofing solutions available. A well-structured, durable, and solid foundation are the three most essential factors needed to erect a proper building. These days there are several types of modern and advanced roofing solutions. You can choose based on your requirements. Did you hear of standing seam roof structure? It’s a solution that is now popular in the Middle East, long-lasting and adaptable roofing. 

Climate is a leading factor in which construction depends on the UAE. The weather is extreme, and this demands adequate insulation. This is why roofing, walling, cladding, etc., have become essential. Roof panels, if placed vertically along the entire length of the roof, can offer excellent insulation. Adequate seams again connect the panels. 

We understand that insulation is your priority:

Traditional roofs tend to show signs of leakage and damage, but they adequately protect when you have these panels. TSSC insulated panels are available at our store, along with the accessories. The panels have superior-quality, robustness, and are not affected by weather conditions, including wind and storm. Seam roof panels allow thermal movement, which is an advantage. The panels do not rust due to moisture or dampness. For further protection, the panels are placed close to each other, and the seams are raised. The roof and the design both are modern, made by implementing the latest technology. The outer part of the seams comes in various shapes and colors. These are available in an array of materials so that you can find the perfect solution based on your preference, requirements, and budget. TSSC also manufactures accessories, including skylights, tapers, roof penetration, and other aspects of roof design. 

Invest in HARWAL BASICO panels:

TSSC roofing solutions are easiest to install if you hire a trained professional, and maintenance is super easy. TSSC has been offering roofing solutions, and our clients have trusted us for over 40 years. We have a huge client base; our clients have trusted our product quality and the kind of service we offer. TSSC operates under the brand name Harwal BASICO; we are offering standing seam roof panels to clients in the Middle East. The roofing sheets are tapered, curved, and ideal for various types of construction. 

We offer solutions according to your budget:

TSSC in the Middle East believes in offering budget-friendly solutions. Pricing is not at all a factor, and the investment is worth it. The insulated panels’ price is a bit on the higher side when you compare to asphalt and shingle roofs. Insulated panels are worth so you can definitely think of investing once and reap the benefits for a long time. TSSC seam roof is a reliable solution for all your roofing requirements.

Easy to maintain roofing solutions:

Also, the roofs are easy to maintain, and you do not require hiring labor for regular maintenance. This saves time and cost. TSSC standing seam roof panels are ideal for installing in homes and commercial roofs. These are perfect for barns and city structures. We have a team of expert consultants so that you can install the right style and pattern of roof you are looking for. We are among the leading and the most trustworthy standing seam suppliers in the Middle East.