Architects prefer Lightweight concrete blocks for faster construction

Various materials are used in constructing the exterior walls, which include brick, concrete, and wood. But recently, lightweight blocks are quite popular due to many reasons. These are usually made using lightweight expanded clay aggregate. This material has an immense load-bearing capacity and thermal insulation. Lightweight panels are mainly used in prefab structures; they have very low density compared to traditional panels. 

The advantages of lightweight blocks: 

TSSC operates in the Middle East, and we manufacture lightweight concrete blocks under the brand name Easywall. Our blocks are non-load-bearing systems that are perfectly designed for partition, an alternative to AAC, block works, Drywall, and hollow blocks. Our partition system offers true value to the building sector. 


Take a look at the advantages of a lightweight partition wall panel:


  • Adequate thermal insulation.
  • The installation process is very easy and simple; not many tools are required for insulation.
  • Affordable and eco-friendly solutions.
  • Lightweight panels, ideal for easy assembling.
  • Cutting and shaping can be done very quickly. 
  • These blocks have an immensely flexible surface; the finishing is also quite flexible.
  • These concrete panels are long-lasting and durable.
  • TSSC concrete panels have a high-quality finish. 
  • The panels are MEP friendly.
  • Direct and indirect cost savings.
  • The lightweight panels are durable and long-lasting. 
  • The panels have immense resistance; they are resistant to sound, fire, and other climatic conditions.
  • Rapid re-assembling is possible. 
  • The lightweight nature is due to the mixture TSSC applies; our abrasive aggregate seems to have practically had no weight. These aggregates are composed of roasted slate, shale, or expandable clay. 


Non load bearing panels from TSSC:

Do you know how we manufacture these concrete blocks? The concrete panels are manufactured by attaching the panels. These are manufactured from calcium silicates like ceramide, sandwich, cement, or polystyrene beads. Our panels do not possess any load, suitable for projects including flooring, roofing, and walling. Concrete blocks are preferred by architects, mainly due to cost-effectiveness and environment friendliness. Our panels are perfect for constructing a basement, ceilings, floors, walls, and internal partitions. 

TSSC is the leading insulated panel and building materials manufacturer in the UAE. Our panels are very efficient and lightweight. It’s been more than four decades that we have been manufacturing panels. Our panels are superior and insulated, most suitable for modern-day construction. TSSC panels are manufactured by reinforcing steel grids, which adds more safety to the panels. Our lightweight blocks are most suited for the ceiling, walls, houses, offices, floors, and more. These are mainly used in warehouses, hospitals, commercial zones, and other building projects. 

Better ROI with TSSC:

Looking for value, better ROI? TSSC panels offer value to the building sector, including contractors, builders, developers, and consultants. Investors can save a lot when lightweight concrete blocks are used. The main reason is the project gets completed before its stipulated time. This helps in cost saving because the foundation expenses are reduced, and you can generate better ROI. 

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