The benefits of insulated cold store panels – TSSC is one of the biggest manufacturers

Every business has its own construction requirements. Temperature control is of the utmost importance when it comes to storing perishable items. Among all other items, food and wine are the two most important things that require storage at a specific temperature. Controlling the temperature of the cold store room is very important. Sometimes a cellar and fridge could be sufficient, but when it comes to large quantity goods, you need to set up cold storage using cold store panels


Read the benefits of cold storage panels:

Efficient insulation properties:

TSSC cool-room panels have fantastic insulation properties. Thermal conductivity is a crucial factor, mainly when you desire to control your refrigerated room. You can choose a panel that utilizes board insulation or cell structure; you would get superb thermal performance with the available solution. 

Energy Efficiency: 

Energy cost is the most significant obstruction for many industries in the UAE. Due to temperature regulation, you need a considerable amount of money on cooling. But you can keep the costs under control by using cool room panels. These panels use a lesser amount of energy and stabilize the environment inside. Every panel TSSC design make sure that there is no thermal drift, which helps you save a lot of money. The panels are efficient; they eventually reduce the operating costs almost by 50% or more. 

Low maintenance solutions:

Presently a lot of businesses and industries are struggling; they are on a tight budget. This is why having active cooling equipment is of utmost importance. This is why cold room panels are so important. These panels aid in quicker construction. The one-step installation process helps the panels to cut down the number of essential trades and aid in the entire installation and keeps the operational costs low. 

Safe and flexibility in design:

Panels used in commercial refrigeration are incredibly versatile; we manufacture these in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and also construction materials. You can find panels for roofs, interior walls, and exterior walls at our store. Cool room panels are more. Our panels are safe, hygienic, have a fire rating, and offer lifetime performance. 

Every storage space is different, so our cold store panels solutions are also not the same. We offer customized solutions in terms of sizes and thicknesses to suit your requirements.

TSSC refrigeration systems:

You might have plans of installing a walk-in-freezer, these work efficiently at low temperature between -18C to -22C. These systems are ideal for storing products in hygienic conditions because they can maintain even temperature. This helps in storing products for many months and not worry about hygiene. TSSC also manufactures mobile refrigerating systems, the portable skid-mounted one, set up in movable units. The base is made of steel for durability and proper mobility. Do you know the latest TSSC invention? It’s the HVAC pre-insulated ductwork. Our experts have used the most innovative technology; PIR and PUR have also been used in the manufacturing process. The outer layers are made of aluminum sheets. 

TSSC are the leaders in offering commercial insulation solutions in the UAE. We have more than four decades of experience in manufacturing building solutions. Call us with your queries regarding cold store panels.