Why should you choose prefabricated construction rather than traditional methods?

The general thumb rule is that prefabricated construction is affordable compared to traditional building procedures. The labor cost is pretty low, and you do not have to hire plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc. When a building takes the least time to be built, it saves a lot of money. Traditional construction methods always existed, but the popularity of prefab building is now increasing in the Middle East.

 The construction market is witnessing sunny days in the Middle East. It would even expand more in recent years, and traditional construction is taking a back seat. The whole setup is completed inside the factory and assembled on site. 

Prefabricated solutions are eco-friendly

The prefab methods are secure; there is no worrying about extremities and complications. The whole process is streamlined and handled inside a controlled environment. In this method of construction, very little waste material is produced. These construction methods are eco-friendly, less harmful to the environment. It does not interfere with nature, so this method reduces air, water and noise pollution. 

Choose prefab if your project is redundant

Projects having a higher degree of redundancy should choose prefab construction. Those buildings having similar rooms have higher complexities. Some examples are hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, hostels, malls and more. The construction industry has a shortage of talented contractors and masons. So, a smaller crew of prefab professionals is good. These sites are considered safer to work at than any other. 

Do you know what panelization is? 

This is a form of prefab, but it needs a little work on the site. Panelization involves floors, walls, and roofs constructed in the factory before being transported to the site. Those are attached to the already-existing structure on-site. Electricals, plumbing, and other infrastructure are installed later on.  

Customized solutions from TSSC

Those of you who plan to install prefab buildings in Qatar book a free consultation with the industry leaders. We are taking the construction industry ahead by designing advanced solutions. Our solutions are customizable and suit your requirements. We design keeping in mind the site, the climate, the budget, and all other factors. 

Prefab construction takes only a few months to complete, which is favorable for the workforce. However, the climate in Qatar is extreme, where days are very hot, and it is tremendously laborious to spend hours under the sun. This usually happens in traditional construction, but there are no spending hours under the sun in the prefab method. 

TSSC is the leader in designing solutions 

TSSC Group is the leader in manufacturing insulated and prefabricated solutions. We are renowned for implementing modern technology in manufacturing cladding and roofing solutions. TSSC is already designing solutions for many industries in Qatar. Modular construction is energy-efficient and sustainable. Our techniques are advanced, like the inter-module structures and lean technology for assembling the modules.

Have a project to discuss – Request for a quote 

TSSC has been offering solutions for over 48 years, and we have so many satisfied clients who have tried prefab buildings in Qatar. The new construction methods are steering the construction industry in the right direction. We hope that the prefab technology helps to curb the scarcity of housing in the coming years. There is huge competition in the market, and a big part of the market has shifted towards pre-fabricating. 

Please discuss your project with us and request a quote.