Display chillers in Saudi Arabia are used as an impulsive marketing tool

Display chillers in Saudi Arabia being a part of commercial refrigeration are being heavily used in the retail and hospitality industry. These are generally kept in supermarkets, restaurants, cake shops, grocery shops, bars, ice-cream parlors, etc. When edibles are displayed fashionably, it tends to promote sales and is an impulsive buying tool.

The functional door is crucial 

The door is the most important and the most beautiful part of a chiller. As the name suggests, the items are displayed in the right manner through high-quality doors. The doors help in keeping the chilled air inside the chiller for maximum duration. If there is a power breakdown, a display chiller can keep items cold for a long time. Our insulated doors have an adequate locking system for the safety of the displayed items. You no longer require high pay bills during storage and refrigeration. Verify the star rating for better energy efficiency. TSSC cooling units function 24/7 that keep the products chilled inside. The more products are displayed, the more customers will get attracted to your store. Wipe and maintain the doors to keep the transparency intact for better visibility. 

Do you know the size of display chiller you are looking for? 

Display chillers in Saudi Arabia are available in a variety of sizes. You should purchase the capacity based on the storage needs. The size of the chiller is always limited to the floor space. Therefore, it is important to check the specification sheet before ordering one. Identify whether it is capable of meeting your requirements of intake and exhaust air. Size is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while investing in a chiller. The TSSC team helps you in every way to determine the size of the chiller you require for your business. You can give us your measurements; we also have a team to suggest and offer the right kind of solutions.

The Celsius brand

It is time to introduce you to the Celsius brand from TSSC. TSSC Group manufactures high-end display chillers in Saudi Arabia under this brand name. We are one of the leaders in manufacturing insulated panels and building solutions. We have more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing top-notch insulated panels in Saudi Arabia. Investing in our solutions is a one-time investment and you only require a yearly maintenance routine. This would ensure that the cooling system including the door is functioning properly. In addition, the experts would check for leakages, condensers, coils, and other faults. 

Final words

TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia are functional and modern units that consume the least electricity. They are equipped with advanced cooling technology, energy-efficient technology and improved features. The items are displayed through completely air-tight and transparent doors. They are weather-resistant, having the power to keep the items fresh for the longest duration. Our engineers customize chillers of any size, depending on the total space. Have a discussion of your project with the TSSC experts and get affordable solutions. We take care of your project right from the planning phase to completion. Refer to the TSSC website for more information and research. Request a quote now.