Embracing modern construction methods to overcome the challenges of traditional methods

Traditional construction methods are gradually changing as the market is embracing modern processes. Traditional methods take more time and engage more costs. Newer building methods are sustainable and cost-effective. When talking about West Africa, the climatic conditions are very challenging for the construction workers. The days are very hot and humid, which is a big challenge for the workers while undergoing tedious and time-consuming work. This is why cold store panels in East Africa are becoming extremely popular as a modern insulation method. Recently the construction market and tourism in East Africa are flourishing.

Many warehouses and cold storage have been set up in the country, which is a sign of growth. The food processing and agriculture industry requires storage at consistently low temperatures to prevent the items from perishing. Apart from food, cold storages store medicine, seeds, candles, cologne, cosmetics, and flowers. 

Insulation – the most important factor

Cold storage can store products at a desirable temperature in bulk, reducing the risk of spoilage. However, running a cold store involves a huge expense due to a high energy bill. TSSC’s cold store panels in West Africa can help to reduce the energy bills by offering unparalleled insulation. In addition, investing one time in installing cold store panels can help you save in the long run. Our cold store panels in West Africa have thermal insulation; they are lightweight, hygienic, and easy to install. In addition, the sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa are ideal for interior facilities that require climate-controlling. 

Simple installation process

TSSC manufactures sandwich panels that have an insulated core that is protected between two metal sheets. Our panels are used in roofing and cladding solutions. Our panels are durable, long-lasting, and are fire-resistant. Installing sold store panels is no tedious or expensive task. The installation procedure is not at all complicated which is completed in only a few hours. The panels do not require any heavy or expensive maintenance. Choose the PIR core that offers excellent thermal insulation. These panels are smooth, micro-striated, or striated. 

TSSC offering customized solutions

TSSC installs cold rooms and cold storage of specific capacity customized to suit the client’s requirements. We have engineers to suggest solutions based on specific cold store conditions. Our engineers manufacture and install high-quality insulated wall, floor and ceiling panels. We offer insulated doors, pre-insulated air duct systems, hygienic flooring for residential and commercial applications. We offer customized cold storage solutions for industries including food, pharmaceuticals, flowers, and logistics. We understand that different temperature and humidity levels are required to maintain certain products in ideal condition. 

TSSC has a lot of clients from various industries in West Africa. TSSC is an ISO-9001 organization that manufactures premium building materials, including roofing and cladding. In addition, we are renowned in the country for manufacturing high-quality sandwich panels for commercial and residential use. 

Final words

Would you be interested in sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa? We are the experts and suggest choosing customized services. We have a team of expert engineers and a customer care team that constantly researches and caters to your requirements. So please discuss your project with our experts—request a quote.