Everything you needed to know about the standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia

The standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is one of the most popular roofing systems for its enormous advantages. Although the roofing system is durable, one size does not fit all. It would be ideal if you got the roof customized as per your requirements. TSSC Group, the insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, can help you with the perfect roof according to the project’s design criteria and building code instructions. The standing seam roofs have profiles that are architectural and utilitarian with varied field joinery. The roof needs to be aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound for being the perfect fit. 

Here are the key advantages of getting a high-quality standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia:

Weather-tight roofing system

A properly installed roof is durable and extremely efficient. The standing seam roof is weather-tight, air-tight and offers excellent thermal insulation. TSSC engineers make the roof with cooling pigments that reflect back heat waves and cools the exterior surface. The ‘cool roof’ coatings help reduce heat absorption and keep the interiors cool. The hot climate of Saudi Arabia requires an energy-efficient roofing system to lower the energy consumption of air coolers. The standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia has risen in popularity due to thermal insulation. Insulation curtails energy consumption and helps to lower utility bills. 

Durable and sturdy roofing system

Although the standing seam roof is lightweight and easy to install, yet they are strong enough to last a lifetime. A good quality roofing system manufactured by the insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia can withstand high winds and offer extreme fire resistance. The sturdy roofs are impact-resistant and engineered to perfection to serve a long life of up to 60 years or more. With minimal upkeep, the roofing system can last twice the operational life of other roofing shingles. Due to its lightweight nature, the roof does not collapse even in heavy torrential rainfall, snowfall, or hailstorms. 

Insulation is the key feature 

The main reason why standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is popular is for the excellent thermal insulation properties. With various kinds of roofing solutions in the market, only the standing seam roof is durable with a solid structure and offers good insulation. The standing seam roof has a fixed concealed system with vertical ribs and flat space. There are four basic types of roofing panels offering good insulation. They are the mechanically seamed panel, the symmetrical mechanically seamed panel, the one-piece snap-lock panel and lastly, the two-piece snap-lock panel. However, you can get your seam roof profile customized as per project specifications. 

TSSC offers you the lifetime roofing solution 

Being one of the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, TSSC provides a good quality standing seam roof that lasts for a lifetime. Not only that, but with TSSC, you will also get a one-year maintenance program for the upkeep of the roofing solution. Want to make an informed decision? Come to us for a free consultation. Tell us about your project to get a no-obligation quotation.