Get in touch with TSSC for sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa

Cold rooms have been playing a major role in our lives from the beginning of time. If you look at nature, you will find that animals prefer storing their food in cold weather. Humans have now adopted this concept and have started using cold rooms for storing all kinds of temperature-sensitive items. East Africa is a hot country and the need for cold storerooms is a necessity. TSSC manufacturers use high-quality cold store panels in East Africa to manufacture premium quality cold rooms, freezer trucks and other cold storage requirements for storing foods, beverages, vaccines, chemicals and pharmaceuticals at a specific temperature. Here are a few things that you need to know about using sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa. 

The sandwich panel – What is it?

The sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa are insulated panels that have a three-layered structure. The panels are excellent for thermal and sound insulation. The insulated core of the panels made from PIR, PUR, EPS, or mineral wool does the main job. The two galvanized face sheets protect the insulated core. The panels are widely used in cold rooms to regulate the temperature indoors and create an airtight environment for preventing the escape of heat. TSSC Group customizes the sandwich panels to suit the requirements of different projects. 

Exceptional strength and durability

The cold store panels in East Africa used in cold rooms have extremely strong and durable. The panels need yearly professional maintenance to last for 40 years or even longer. The upkeep of the panels is so simple that it makes them highly popular for use in cold rooms. The impact-resistant panels made from premium quality materials are able to withstand heavy impacts and strong wind uplifts. TSSC’s sandwich panels are internationally certified by accredited bodies that ensure the panel’s quality, durability, resilience and strength. 

Thermal insulation

Sandwich panels are known to offer good thermal insulation. The weather-resistant panels protect the cold rooms and freezer units by not allowing heat to enter from outside. The airtight panels reflect heat waves back into the atmosphere and stop the cold air from leaving the cold rooms. The three-layered sandwich panels are lightweight, durable, highly strong and extremely sound resistant too. High-quality panels are resistant to fire and can prevent fire outbreaks to a large extent. The insulation of the sandwich panels makes them energy efficient as well.

Energy efficiency 

Did you know that cold rooms use up a good amount of power to maintain a specific temperature all throughout? This can be reduced to a large extent by investing in sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa. Sandwich panels offer heat insulation and keep the indoors cool for a long time. The insulation lowers the pressure on the air coolers and reduces energy consumption significantly. As the energy consumption is in check, the utility bills also get lowered considerably. Insulation and energy efficiency are the two things that go hand-in-hand in curtailing energy consumption and lowering utility bills.


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