Glass curtain walls are very popular – TSSC manufactures the finest cladding systems in the UAE

A curtain wall is non-structural cladding used in high-rise buildings; it’s an exterior covering of the building. The external element of a building includes a window wall, curtain walls, and cladding essentials. Curtain walls are very much exposed to the outer environment, and this is why it’s properly assembled, rightly designed, correctly installed, and maintained, keeping in mind the functionality and sustainability. 

Curtain walls are extremely light-weight, the walls have aluminum frames and have infills of glass, thin stone, and metal panels. TSSC manufactures quality curtain walls to arrest the air and water infiltration. This helps in resisting the impact of seismic forces and the wind. When the glass is used in the form of curtain walls, it proves to be beneficial; there is more daylight inside. Curtain walls are fixed to the construction to safeguard the interior from the exterior weather conditions. Glass curtain walls have two essential components – the glass definitely and the frame. The frame acts as the support which holds the glass; it is composed of aluminum, steel, multi-laminate glass, or other sturdy material. Some common types are float glass, tempered glass, annealed glass, laminated glass, chemically strengthened glass, spandrel glass, and insulated glazing units. 


 Wall panel systems are segregated into two basic categories based on their fabrication and installation procedures. The two are: stick systems and modular systems. Talking about stick systems, the glazed panels and wall frames are jointly installed and connected, piece by piece. The exterior surface of a curtain wall is waterproof, so the parts that are left behind remain dry. You can also consider installing a modular system, where the wall is created from bigger units, and the glazing is done inside the factory. We do the shipping on-site and then installed in buildings. These systems offer quick and high-quality construction; the costs of transportation are a little higher. Installers need to be a little more careful and need protection during the installation process.

The main reason why installing a curtain wall is essential is to safeguard the interior of the building against sun exposure, earthquake, wind, rain, and variations in temperature. Glazed curtain walls are used in multi-story buildings, and this gives a lot of energy efficiency. It’s wise to use transparent or heat-reflective glazing to lower the heat loss from windows for more energy efficiency. There is a window glazing that is used for decoration and for allowing more light to come in.  

Some of the advantages of a curtain wall are:

  • Arresting penetration of water
  • Reduction in the release of carbon dioxide
  • Reducing solar levels
  • Stronger resistance to wind

 TSSC in the UAE are the leaders in manufacturing and designing the most excellent insulated cladding and roofing systems. We offer building and construction materials in the Middle East. We are an ISO 9001 certified company that excels in supplying industrial supplies. All our products are manufactured meeting the international standards, we deliver world-class products, and it’s been almost over four decades we are doing this. Client satisfaction is our priority; so far, we have come a long way because of so many happy clients. All our products are certified and have fire-ratings. Talk to us about your next project.