The gradual shift of the construction industry towards prefabrication

Prefab construction is gradually replacing traditional building methods. There are certain advantages that prefab structures offer when compared to traditional building methods. Prefab construction has helped the builders to overcome the challenges of traditional construction. Modular buildings are built in a factory setting before being transported to your site for assembling. Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are built in segments in a setup that is located away from the building sites. The parts are transported to the site where it is ready for assembling. Almost 60%-90% of the work is already done inside the factory environment. 

Effortless building and dismantling 

Prefabricated construction can be dismantled from one location to another effortlessly. The parts can be easily transported, and the installation process is very simple. TSSC prefab construction offers the possibility of plan and design. Prefab construction is cost-effective as it does not require additional materials. Modular construction offers energy efficiency and sustainability. This construction method is eco-friendly as it can bring down costs and reduce wastage. Prefab modular buildings in Saudi Arabia are energy-efficient; the joints are tighter, allowing improved air infiltration and thermal and sound insulation.

Faster construction inside the factory and onsite assembling 

Traditional building procedure involves a lot of wastage and the process is extremely laborious. A large group of workers must complete the building process that can take a very long time to complete. The workers are dependent on one another; they work tirelessly under the sun for extended hours. The climate also plays a major role because the project can be halted due to certain extremities. Prefab construction will cause no hindrances because a small group of workers completes the project inside the factory and the onsite assembling takes a little time. Lean manufacturing techniques are used for offsite construction to construct prefab modules. The modules can be stacked up to design various configurations. This building process is accomplished onsite by using inter-module networks to organize the units.

 Low-cost solution

The expenses of prefab construction depend on the size of the project and the material you use. Some other factors that are involved are internal/external fixtures and the fittings. Comparing the cost of prefab building to that of traditional construction, the former is lesser. In addition, there are certain external environmental factors, including the weather, that do not delay project schedules. The majority of builders and construction companies in Saudi Arabia rely on prefab construction.

TSSC Group have emerged as the leader in prefabrication

Prefab buildings are gaining immense popularity as they cater to prerequisites of the construction industry. TSSC Group offers its clients an assortment of construction materials that includes insulation roofing and cladding solutions. We have been successfully operating for more than 50 years, catering to various global clients. We are one of the top manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. TSSC specializes in building permanent modular construction built-in in one location, and you can include the stories as permitted by building regulations. TSSC Group ensures a high level of quality control while offering prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia

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