The growing popularity of sandwich panels in the UAE among the construction industry

Sandwich panels in the UAE can be segregated into several layers. These panels are made of two sheets of tough metal and there is an insulated core in the middle. The panels are used for walling, roofing and cladding. The core material that offers thermal insulation is polyurethane foam, expanded polystyrene, fiberglass and polyurethane foam. Sandwich panels are used for building and construction purposes. We cater to industries including warehouses, logistic buildings, sports facilities, office buildings, shopping malls, freezers, sports facilities, office buildings, manufacturing buildings, etc. Sandwich roof panels are durable and the toughness does not depend on the humidity factor.

The structure of sandwich panels 

The sandwich panels in the UAE are made of water-resistant foam and it does not get affected by mold, mildew and bacteria. Mineral wool can be used in construction and is resistant to a higher temperature, corrosion and offers thermal insulation. Glass fiber sandwich panels are fire-resistant, sound-absorbing, environment-friendly and easy to transport. TSSC Group uses the lightweight Styrofoam that is available in a honeycomb form. It can be mounted and dismounted for a shorter period. This is an environmentally clean material used for commercial buildings. The core is soft and it is pressed between the two layers. The core is extremely light so it does not add to the weight. The panels are composite cladding and façade shaped, obtained by polyurethane injection in varying thicknesses between the galvanized sheets and aluminum plates.  

Simple installation process

Installing an insulated roof panel in the UAE could take almost 7-8 hours for an experienced contractor to complete the task. TSSC manufactures advanced sandwich panels and accessories including sub-frames, fasteners, screws. All the materials are transported to the construction sites. Sandwich panels can be arranged in a free manner. This material is simple to process. The building can be designed with gates, windows wherever needed. 

TSSC Group – the leaders in the UAE

TSSC is the top leader in manufacturing premium insulated roof panel in the UAE. TSSC in the UAE is an ISO 9001 organization specialized in offering building and construction supplies. The expenses are determined by the panel’s entire thickness, including the core. The EPS core is impressive but the PIR core gives superior performance. TSSC has been the manufacturer of construction supplies and insulation solutions for more than four decades. TSSC has an excellent client base from various industries of all sizes in the UAE. We also have our representatives who would visit your site if needed. 

Final words

Please discuss your project with our engineers for a customized solution. Get offers and discounts from the TSSC store. Our team suggests getting all materials from a specific store. We manage your project from initiation to completion. We offer excellent after-sales support. Our engineers have constantly been working to improve the quality of the panels. Reach us for a solution, request a quote.