The Growing Popularity of Sandwich Roof Panels in the UAE

Insulation is very important where there is extreme temperature, so the Middle East is no exception. If you have a commercial space and store perishable items, then you cannot do without insulation. For obtaining the desired environment inside the unit, you need to choose the right kind of panels. Did you hear of sandwich roof panels? These panels are durable, tough, and very long-lasting. 

The panels are so rigid that even humidity cannot affect them. Sandwich roof panels are manufactured from foam that has waterproof qualities. TSSC in the Middle East designs sandwich panels that are not affected by climatic or environmental conditions. Our panels are well-known for offering complete insulation. 

TSSC sandwich panel roofing has multiple layers; the core surrounds two metal sheets in the middle. The core is very tough and made of an insulating layer located right in the center. The panels are popularly used for walling, roofing, and cladding solutions. There are various materials polyurethane, fiberglass, expanded polystyrene, or polyurethane foam, which also offers thermal insulation.

The core is very soft and lightweight; it remains safe between the two layers. The panels bear the shape of the façade; composite cladding and polyurethane injection are given at different thicknesses between galvanized sheets and aluminum plates. 

TSSC panels are extremely demanding; they are used across various sectors in the Middle East. Our panels are used in the construction sector, commonly used in shopping malls, office buildings, warehouses, logistic buildings, sports centers, office buildings, cold storage, manufacturing units, etc. 

Also, TSSC sandwich panels are easier to install, and the total time taken for the installation is almost 7-8 hours. A local contractor in the UAE can carry our successful installation. Our panels are transported to your site safely; everything is taken care of by our team. We transport everything together; the fasteners, the subframes, screws, etc., are all part of the package. Our solutions are suitable for those looking for lightweight panels. It is eco-friendly, sound-absorbing, non-flammable, and easily transportable. 

TSSC in the UAE is the leader in manufacturing roof panel systems. We also manufacture other building and construction products under one roof. We have a rich client base; we have so many existing and new clients who believe in our solutions’ quality. You can order panels directly from TSSC; refer to our website for deals and discounts. 

If you wish to gather more knowledge about sandwich roof panels, call the TSSC experts for a consultation. We are the leaders in the Middle East. We are reputed for offering solutions for more than four decades, and we continue to the pioneer. Our clients are a priority; we respond faster and have a responsive customer care team for solving queries. 

For discussion and assistance related to your project, reach us via phone or email. If you feel that it would be better to discuss with a representative who would visit your site, we will send one. Do you have your project to complete? Request for a quote.