The growth story of TSSC sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia

Experts have said that the modular construction market has made a remarkable impact on the residential sector, and it is predicted to grow by 2025. This has taken place mainly due to the lack of skilled labor and the implementation of cost-cutting methods. The building and construction industry in Saudi Arabia has gone through a massive change in the few years. A lot of new techniques have been implemented including the use of a sandwich panel in Saudi Arabia. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, Saudi Arabia had the largest infrastructure in the Gulf Area. It suffered a little as every industry did, and now it is again soaring and would balloon within a few years. The Gold Area experiences a warm and humid climate during the daytime. Therefore, the residential and commercial sector relies to a great extent on insulation. 

The benefits of the 3 layered panel and uses

Sandwich panels are named so due to their 3-layered structure where two rigid metal sheets cover a soft insulated core inside. The panels have exceptional durability, strength and insulating properties. These panels are lightweight and have a rigid structure. A sandwich panel in Saudi Arabia is used for roofing and cladding solutions. The sandwich panels have benefits when compared to traditional roofing and cladding systems. Take a look:

  • Aid is faster construction
  • It is long-lasting and affordable 
  • Offers thermal and acoustic insulation
  • It is a dry process that is less time consuming
  • Simple assembling

The panels can be used in construction works like logistic buildings, office buildings, sports facilities, cold stores, freezers, warehouses, malls, etc.

Salient features of TSSC sandwich panels 

TSSC’s sandwich panels offer superior thermal performance, which makes them ideal for cold storage. Our insulated panels are easy to install and are available in a wide range of finishes and styles. In addition, the panels have made construction simpler by shortening the building time. 

Some of the features of TSSC’s sandwich panels are:

  • Panels have a double metal covering and micro-ridges. 
  • PIR/Rockwool or mineral wool insulation
  • Supports vertical or horizontal installation
  • Joint with a concealed fix system
  • Available in smooth and ribbed finishes
  • Panels are available in various profiles, finishes, and colors.

Our insulated panels include sandwich panels, corrugated sheets, purlins, metal decking, seam roofs, steel structures, GRP, and polycarbonate skylights.

TSSC group – The market leaders

Are you looking forward to investing in a sandwich panel in Saudi Arabia? TSSC Group has emerged as the leader in offering roofing, cladding and complete building solutions. We are in the market, leading it for more than 50 years. We have seen older technologies being replaced by newer ones. We are renowned in the Gulf and the Middle East for offering custom solutions within the budget. We are an ISO 9001 company and have clients from different industry verticals. 

Discuss your project 

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