The idea of cold store panels and the necessity of insulation – Invest in TSSC cold store panels

The construction industry has undergone a massive change or rather advancement. Now, it has been observed that the building industry is shifting towards a cost-effective and sustainable solution. As a result, East Africa is now home to various industries and tourism here is flourishing.

Talking about the climate, the weather in Africa is warm and tropical. This is the reason why a lot of cold storage and warehouses have come up. The food processing and agriculture industry requires consistent low temperatures to prevent the items from perishing. Apart from food, cold storage solutions are used to store medicine, seeds, candles, cologne, cosmetics, and flowers. In all, the demand for cold storage is quite high in the Eastern part of Africa. Due to industrial growth, the economy of the country has improved a lot. 

The importance of cold store and insulation

Cold storages are capable of keeping products at a set temperature of your choice. Keeping those items at the right temperature can reduce the risk of damage by extending the shelf life. However, the same item can be affected by mold if it is stored in warmer temperatures. Therefore, invest in cold storage solutions if you do want to risk your products. 

Cold rooms are usually located in the basement or sometimes the front porch. These cold rooms have a vent that allows air to circulate, keeping the air cool. A warehouse or cold storage functions well only if it is adequately insulated. Unfortunately, a lot of cold storage complains of no insulation or faulty insulation. This is the reason why you need to install cold store panels in East Africa inside your cooling facility. TSSC manufactures sandwich panels that have an insulated core that is protected between two metal sheets. Our panels are used in roofing and cladding solutions. Our panels are durable, long-lasting and are fire-resistant. 

Do you know that sandwich panels consume a huge amount of energy?

This results in huge energy bills. TSSC sustainable sandwich cold store panels offer sufficient insulation. This helps in reducing the energy bills, increasing the efficiency of the cold storage. The cold store panels are lightweight, hygienic and easy to install, which has excellent thermal insulation. Our insulated panels are most suitable for climate-controlled interiors. The installation process is the least complicated, and the entire process is completed within a few hours. Also, these panels have almost zero maintenance costs. Choose the PIR core that offers excellent thermal insulation. These panels are smooth, micro-striated, or striated. 

Talk to the TSSC experts

TSSC has many satisfied clients who have installed our solutions. TSSC is an ISO-certified organization. We are among the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in East Africa. TSSC is well renowned in Africa for offering customized construction and insulated solutions. We have a team of expert engineers and a customer care team that constantly researches and caters to your requirements. Please discuss your project with our experts—request a quote.