The immense importance of sandwich panels in the arena of modern construction

A lot of companies in the UAE are now focusing on sandwich panels. These panels are efficient in safeguarding a building externally and internally from harsh weather conditions. Sandwich panels in Dubai are called so because of their structure. Here two metal sheets exist on two sides that cover the core in the middle. The core is known to have superb insulation properties, but the core can be made of different materials. These panels are now popular walling and roofing solutions. 

TSSC sandwich panels used in UAE construction

The temperature is harsh and extreme in the UAE, where insulation is the most important factor. TSSC is one of the leaders in manufacturing lightweight insulated panels. Our panels are installed across residential projects and even more across commercial projects, including cold storage and warehouses. The company is the largest manufacturer in the UAE. The insulated sandwich panels have hidden fix joints for seamless horizontal and vertical installation. The whole construction gets an aesthetic appeal due to the panels. 

High-performance panels with a solid performance

TSSC’s high-performance metal panels offer rigid insulation and (fire and sound) resistivity. TSSC’s ribbed and flat roof panels allow a shorter duration of construction. These are ideal for projects having serious insulation requirements. An insulated roof panel in UAE offers solid insulation against heat, moisture, fire, and sound. These panels come in three layers which include an inner and outer sheet and an insulated core. You can choose the core material among PUR, PIR, EPS and mineral wool according to your requirements. 

Roof panel solution by TSSC

Are you looking for an insulated roof panel in UAE? TSSC designs economical ribbed and flat roof panels in the UAE. These engage shorter construction duration for buildings having intense insulation requirements. TSSC has come up with a unique and affordable solution for developers and contractors. 

The IsoWall brand by TSSC 

TSSC’s Isowall sandwich panels in Dubai are mainly used for industrial and commercial construction. This range of panels has a hidden fixing joint system, and the panels are used for projects where hygiene and insulation are the most important factors. These ISO panels are available with Rockwool or PIR insulation which offers improved fire resistance. 

TSSC promises high-quality panels 

Name one thing that TSSC never compromises. Yes, quality is the most important factor. This is the reason why we have so many clients all over the UAE from different industries. All our panels go through a quality check before the panels are shipped to the site. The panels are pretty affordable and allow easy assembling and dismantling during the building process. The lightweight panels are a boon because it allows faster transportation and low maintenance. 

Why TSSC Group?

TSSC Group in the UAE is an ISO 9001 company offering high-quality insulated panels and construction supplies. We have a huge team looking into your requirements. TSSC believes that one solution does not fit all, and this is why customization is important. TSSC panels are available in ready-to-assemble packs. 

Final words

Please discuss your project with us for a customized solution. Do you plan to discuss a project soon? Then, please discuss your requirements with our experts for a customized insulated roof panel in the UAE.

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