The implementation of technology in designing efficient cold storage and refrigerated trucks in the UAE

Newer technologies have made it possible to transport perishable items in fresh condition from one distribution center to another. Cold storage plays an important role in expanding business. Transportation was always a matter of concern before the emergence of refrigerated trucks in the UAE. These are temperature-controlled containers that transport perishable food items, containers and biopharmaceuticals. Cold storages and cooling trucks contribute to the growth of cold chain logistics. As per statistics, warehouses make almost $20 billion in the US. If your business is growing and you find it challenging to store items, think of getting cold storage. 

Insulated panels have a higher R-value

Cold storage facilities need thick insulated walls. They have a higher degree of R-value. This is important to store products at a very low temperature. We recommend installing cold store panels in UAE. When the insulation is thick-layered, it can stabilize the climate inside the cooling facilities. TSSC Group works with advanced project management software. This helps to track the progress of your commercial refrigeration project. We ensure the delivery of your project on time. 

Celsius – the brand that designs refrigerated trucks

TSSC ‘s refrigerated trucks in UAE are facilitated with airtight doors. The truck bodies measure up to 7 meters in length and have a width of 3 meters. Our engineers build the vehicle bodies using 6 insulated panels. These trucks are lightweight, have tough flooring, have a low cost of repairing the panels, have low K value, are seamless and have no joints. We manufacture cooling trucks under the brand name – Celsius.

Leaders in insulated panels – TSSC Group in UAE? 

TSSC Group has been operating for more than 50 years in the building and construction industry. We offer budget-friendly roofing and cladding service to clients. Refrigerated cold storages and warehouses are generally more expensive. This is why a lot of manufacturers choose to outsource cold storage to logistics service providers. The demand for the transportation of cooling goods keeps on escalating. All refrigerated goods do not have the same requirements. The diverse requirements of the clients are shaping the progress of the industrial cooling industry. The perishable items have different shelf lives, so they require varying temperatures at which the goods must be stored and transported. We design your commercial cold storage considering all your requirements. 

Cold storage and refrigerated trucks for better business

Refrigerated warehouses and cooling facilities can be inefficient if not facilitated with premium insulation and doors. This is why you need to install cold store panels in UAE. Refrigerated trucks in UAE have made the conveyance of fragile items seamless. Cold storage can help in continuing better business without interruption. Different types of goods require temperature-controlled environments during static storage and transportation. Cooling vehicles is a relief for businesses that have larger inventory stock.

Final words

TSSC Group manufactures wall panels and floor and ceiling panels. We install pre-insulated air duct systems, insulated doors and flooring solutions. Please consult or talk to us if you cannot figure out your requirements. Request a quote.