The importance of customized refrigerated truck boxes in West Africa

West Africa experiences hot and humid temperatures that can hinder businesses. This has resulted in the growth of commercial refrigeration to facilitate storing perishable items. The hospitality and hotel industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage companies are fast expanding. West Africa now has a good number of cold storage and warehouse facilities that make business easier. With the modern technology that exists today, cold storage facilities are set up and improved upon. They hugely contribute to stabilizing the supply and demand of perishable goods. But the real challenge lies in transporting those goods because you cannot imagine items getting after 50 miles. 

Cold chain explained in brief

‘Cold chain’ is a very common term in refrigerated transportation. This is the logistic chain that makes sure that the goods or items do not reach above a specific temperature. Most cold chains are initiated at the manufacturing unit, where goods are loaded into a track at the perfect temperature. The standard of cold chains varies for different goods and this is why reefer trucks are popular. 

Thermal insulation – the crucial factor

A refrigerated truck box in West Africa has a sound cooling system that can handle reserve temperatures from +15 degrees Celsius to -40 degrees Celsius. TSSC’s refrigerated trucks transport items in a frozen state to prevent spoilage even if it travels long distances. Insulation is the most crucial factor that makes a cooling truck efficient. The body inside is fitted with insulated panels and the body outside is airtight and weatherproof. TSSC’s cooling trucks are built with six premium insulated panels for adequate thermal insulation. This is effective if the air cooler system falls apart because the items inside remain fresh for another 8-10 hours. 

TSSC Group has emerged as the leader in the industry

 TSSC Group is one of the leaders in manufacturing insulated panels and offering construction solutions in West Africa. We have almost more than 50 years of experience catering to businesses of all sizes. We take care of every detail from project management to the final construction. TSSC’s engineers design cold rooms that are designed to meet the requirements of the client’s purposes and fit the budget. The TSSC engineers are talented and experienced in offering customized cooling units for every requirement.  

Customized solution at your doorstep

Do you require a refrigerated truck box in West Africa? TSSC is one of the renowned truck body manufacturers in West Africa. The trucks are weather-resistant, durable and corrosion-free, a great choice for logistics. Our engineers and a special team customize the freezer vans in varying shapes and sizes for greater portability and aesthetics.

Commitment towards a greener environment

At TSSC Group, we are invested in our country and community. This is why we are a part of the supply chain logistics in West Africa. We are committed to environment-friendliness when it comes to shipping goods. Please get in touch with us for an expert solution. Book a free consultation with our engineers today. Request a no-obligation quotation now. We will revert within 24 hours.