The importance of installing a standing seam roof in West Africa

A roof is an important part of the building that should be maintained. Standing seam roof panels are tapered and have a curved shape. It is an insulated covering made of two face sheets on the two sides and a lightweight core. The sandwich panels are durable and make up the aesthetic structures. TSSC Group in West Africa designs premium customized roof panels. These roof panels feature vertical ribs with a flat or curved surface in the middle. The edges of the roof sides show high strength, weather-proofing qualities and higher insulation. A standing seam roof in West Africa has no holes or vents for moisture penetration. 

Seam panels – a long term solution

Roofs are exposed to various weather conditions. Therefore, they require a higher amount of resistivity to endure. Do not leave the roof bare but cover it with seam panels. TSSC manufactures functional and durable metal roofs. The panels can protect the roof from cold, heat, storm, snowfall and rain. The climate in Saudi Arabia is very hot and the temperature soars higher during the daytime. As a result, the air cooler faces pressure as they keep functioning for long hours. As a result, the energy bill keeps on rising. By installing an insulated standing seam roof in West Africa, you can control this. This is an effective solution for the long term. 

Longer metal sheets 

The seams are prone to water penetration. The seams are positioned 2″ above the panel’s height to lessen the chances of roof leaks. TSSC uses long sheets so that the panels are not overlapped. Our seam panels are flexible for better expansion and contraction due to thermal movement. We suggest that metal sheets should be more than 40 feet in length. 

TSSC Group – a reputed company

TSSC Group manufactures high-quality building solutions. We are the market leaders in offering roofing and cladding solutions. TSSC insulated roof panels are suitable for both commercial and residential use. We have been designing construction solutions for more than 50 years. We have clients from different industries. The TSSC expert engineers have rich experience designing robust standing seam roof panels. TSSC has a solution for the clients because we customize it based on the project requirements and the budget. TSSC is one of the most reputed insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa.

The Harwal BASICO brand

TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company in West Africa. The Harwal BASICO is a leading brand under which TSSC Group manufactures insulated metal seam roof panels. TSSC’s unique solutions are modern, functional and affordable. The climate and the environmental factors play an important role in the construction process. Insulation is important in roofing, walling, cladding and has become a part of modern construction. TSSC standing seam panels are available in different lengths, widths, colors, thicknesses and shapes. The panels do not require frequent and expensive maintenance. Get yearly roof panel maintenance from TSSC.

Final words

Are you planning to install a standing seam roof panel in West Africa? Book a free consultation with the TSSC expert engineers. TSSC manufactures accessories that include tapers, skylights, roof penetration, and other roof design stuff. Please visit our website for information. Get in touch for building and construction requirements. Please discuss your project with our team and request a quote.