Install functional and affordable display chillers – Rely on TSSC commercial refrigeration system

Refrigerators are an essential part of the food and drinks business. It is impossible to run a restaurant, hotel, food or beverage business, or even a retail store without adequate refrigeration. 

Display freezers are used on commercial levels, and it is used to display items elegantly. These are equipped with superior cooling technology, enhanced features, and energy efficiency. Display chillers are designed to store and display frozen food and chilled beverages through transparent doors. They are used in supermarkets, petrol stations, liquor outlets, dairy outlets, food and beverage vendors. 

Customized display chillers – Sleek and functional 

TSSC designs and showcases a whole range of display chillers that are functional and affordable. With a team of experienced and skilled manufacturers, TSSC manufactures airtight chillers that are weather-resistant and control humidity and mold development. The customized factory-made chillers are extremely hygienic and offer maximum capacity without taking up much space. The glass doors in the display chillers ensure that customers view the products. The doors have a locking system to arrest the cold air inside. In case of a power failure, the chillers ensure that the products stay cold for the longest time, even when the cooler is not working.

Are display chillers energy efficient?  

TSSC chillers are well insulated that decreases energy consumption. TSSC chillers are lightweight, easy to maintain, and hygienic. It reduces energy consumption, and its low-maintenance qualities lighten the financial stress on the business. All TSSC cooling systems have a star energy rating for maximum efficiency. 

 Chillers facilitated with LED lights 

 You are already familiar that display chillers have lights installed. TSSC chillers are installed with LED lights that have a bright appearance and can consume less electricity. In addition, LED lights are cost-effective and can be customized for use as vertical or shelf lights. 

 Are you keeping a check on your cooling system? 

It is crucial to ensure that the door gaskets are in proper condition. A slight leakage in the door can cause the cool air to escape, and gradually the appliance fails. TSSC recommends replacing the gaskets after a few years. We have a team that offers yearly checks and maintenance, which includes the evaporator coils and condensers. You must know that the energy consumption soars very high if the coils are filled with dirt and grime.

Do you care about your investment? 

A low-cost solution means recurring expenditure on repairs. TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia are low maintenance solutions that require one-time investment. We have been in the trade for more than 50 years and have set an exemplary reputation and expertise. We offer roofing, cladding and all types of commercial and residential insulation solutions. 

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