Why should you install premium quality sandwich panels in Oman?

The temperature is very high in Oman, so the cooling systems work tirelessly. A lot of investment goes into paying huge bills, so insulation is a solution. The sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman manufacture customized insulated panels for various commercial and residential uses. 

Sandwich panels are insulated panels that offer excellent thermal insulation. Buildings, prefabricated units, cold storages and industrial structures commonly use sandwich panels. However, all sandwich panels do not offer the same quality, so it is important to shop panels from a renowned manufacturer. Sandwich panels in Oman are heavily used for building and construction purposes. 

The panels offer thermal insulation

TSSC’s sandwich panels offer thermal performance and shorter building time. Our insulated wall and roof panels are easy to install, and you get them in a blend of flat and corrugated finishes. At our store or website, you can discover a whole range of insulated cladding panels. The high-performance insulated panels are available in various finishes, profiles, and colors. The panels are equipped with thermal insulation, noise reduction and the least construction time. Our panels can offer solid insulation for almost 10-12 hours. We are among the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Oman

Extreme fire resistivity

Sandwich panels are heavily used for commercial purposes. For instance, flammable and toxic chemicals sometimes accumulate inside cold storage. TSSC’s sandwich panels are fire-resistant, and even some of the panels offer fire resistance up to 1000° C or even more. Engineers, builders, and contractors prefer sandwich panels to set up cold storage units and buildings to ensure safety. TSSC is one of the most experienced insulated panel manufacturers in Oman. 

Sound insulation

The panels are also capable of offering sound and acoustic insulation which is also a very important feature. As a result, the unwanted sounds and noises are left out which gives a peaceful atmosphere inside. 

Value engineering from TSSC

We specialize in manufacturing FM-approved Mineral Wool and PIR sandwich panels, metal decking, corrugated metal sheets, polycarbonate skylights, GRP and steel structures. TSSC continuously promotes value engineering and offers building envelopes along with detailed service, including engineering, 3D design, manufacturing, installation, and handing over the project. We are among the leaders in industrial and commercial roofing systems. 

Lightweight sandwich panels 

TSSC insulated sandwich panels are lightweight which are easily transportable. In addition, the panels are finely attached, with only a few joints on wide surfaces offering a seamless appearance. As a result, you can lower the transportation and building costs. The panels require low maintenance, which is another advantage.  

Why TSSC Group?

Are you looking for sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman? TSSC is an ISO 9001 certified company manufacturing sandwich panels for almost 50 years. We manufacture the most premium quality sandwich panels in Oman. We have a team of experts who can suggest a solution for your project. 

Discuss your project with us

TSSC architectural sandwich panels having hidden-fix joints can be placed horizontally or vertically, offering an aesthetic appearance to the construction. Explore our inventory now. 

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