Installing curtain walls can protect your buildings from all weather conditions

A curtains wall is ideal for high-rise buildings; it’s an extremely lightweight non-structural cladding. It’s mainly used as an additional exterior covering of the construction. These claddings have to endure the exterior environment; thus, it is very important to assemble it correctly; it is designed to keep in mind all the factors, maintenance is necessary and correct installation. TSSC designs curtain walls keeping in mind the sustainability and functionality factors


Curtain walls can protect from extreme weather conditions:

Curtain walls are installed to the construction to protect the interior and exterior from all types of weather conditions. TSSC curtain walls keep away water and air from infiltrating. The walls are also useful in resisting high-speed wind and seismic forces. Do you want to invest in glass curtain walls? These have two essential components: the frame and the Glass. Glass is lighter and can bring in a lot of natural light and give a lot of illuminating effects. The frames are there to support the Glass. You can choose the frames’ material, which includes steel, aluminum, multi-laminate, or any other sturdy material. Various glasses are used like tempered Glass, float glass, laminated Glass, annealed Glass, spandrel glass, chemically treated Glass, and insulated glazing. But sometimes curtain walls also have infills of metal panels or thin stones. Our curtain walls are made of lightweight and high quality, so you do not require much support, and it does not create any considerable pressure on the building walls.          


Maintaining your curtain walls:

You should maintain your curtain wall regularly to make sure that appearance remains attractive and your curtain walls can perform adequately. You can use sealant compounds for additional protection, provided you reapply it every 10 years once the construction is complete. It’s crucial to repair any chips, cracks, or damage; this is very important to keep your curtain walls intact. This way, your curtain walls would perform for many more years. 


The two types of wall panel systems explained:

The wall panels systems are segregated into two categories based on their installation procedure and fabrication. The two are stick systems and modular systems. In the stick systems, the glazed panels and frames are installed together, one piece after another. In modular systems, the walls are made of bigger units. It is installed and glazed within the factory environment, the shipping is done to the site and implemented on buildings. 


The exterior surface of the curtain wall systems is waterproof. Using modular systems, the construction process becomes quicker, and the quality is improved. At TSSC, we transport your curtain walls with care, but the costs are slightly higher because a lot of attention needs to be taken during the process. 


Choose TSSC over any other manufacturer:
TSSC in the UAE is an ISO 9001 company that manufactures and installs insulated panels. We are the leaders in offering cladding and roofing solutions. We are renowned for providing the highest quality products that meet international standards. We are catering to customers for more than four decades. 

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