Knowing about cold store rooms and display chillers in Saudi Arabia– the usage of insulated panels

A cold store room in Saudi Arabia is a large refrigerated space or building that is designed for the storage of perishable goods in an environment that is below the outdoor temperature. Cold storages are usually located near the shipping ports used for export and import of goods. They are used for storing items like seafood, fruits, medicines, flowers, vegetables and other perishable items. Refrigerating chambers are used to store chemicals at an optimum low temperature to process or slow down chemical reactions. Refrigeration slows down the biological and chemical processes in edibles and controls rotting and loss of quality. The internal temperature depends on the product or material that is stored.

A well-designed cold room

A well-designed cold store room in Saudi Arabia does not only depend on the choice of equipment but also on the location. The cooling system is designed based on the life cycle expenses and the energy consumption. Some of the good practice include:

  • Using insulated material for walls and ceiling
  • Rooms should have proper dimensions
  • There should be appropriate access system
  • Rooms should have the right cooling system


Knowing about display chillers

Do you own a store where you need to display attractive edible items like cold drinks, pastries, beverages? Display chillers are a part of industrial refrigeration. These chillers are common in the retail and hospitality industry. Display chillers in Saudi Arabia are effective in pushing sales by boosting attraction. These are generally found in malls, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs and grocery stores. TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia are functional and offer a complete solution. Display chillers are available in different sizes and available in different customization options. You can talk to the experts based on the storage needs. We suggest the size of your chiller based on the total floor space.

The importance of the door in display chillers

The door of the display chiller plays a major role in escalating your business. The items are displayed through the transparent door that is airtight and insulated. TSSC units are designed to consume low energy. The insulated cold store panels in Saudi Arabia used keeps your commercial refrigeration system in good condition and energy-efficient. The insulated doors are equipped with secure locks for enhanced safety. Try maintaining the doors by wiping them so that they are clear and the items inside are visible. TSSC Group offers yearly maintenance. We manufacture cold stores and chillers under the brand name Celsius.

Final words

Do you require a cold store room in Saudi Arabia? Preserving your goods properly is a necessity that helps to do good business. Having a reliable cold store will help in generating good profits. TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia is well-known for manufacturing insulated panels, building and construction supplies. The company has offered exclusive solutions to various clients for more than 50 years. We customize chillers of any size, depending on the requirement of the commercial space. Discuss your project with the TSSC experts and get solutions within your budget. We have an interactive customer care team that connects to you on time. Our engineers plan well and take care of your project to ensure proper execution to timely delivery. Refer to the TSSC website for more information and do adequate research. Request a quote now.