Knowing everything about TSSC Group’s standing seam roofs in West Africa

A standing seam roof in West Africa is a concealed fastener metal panel system with vertical legs and a wide flat area in between the legs. It has raised seams that rise above the flat area of the panel. Standing seam systems are used for metal roofing which is commonly seen in metal walls. There are hidden fasteners and the panel is attached to the deck with a clip or directly attached to the decking. An insulated panel is used to design modern buildings. All the components of a sandwich insulated panel work together to offer thermal insulation, durability and weather resistance. If you plan to erect a property with thermal insulation features with aesthetic design, try locating insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa.

Roofing – an important part 

Roofing plays a very important role in adding strength to your construction structure. There are various types of roofing systems available. Standing seam roofs in West Africa are becoming extremely popular among all of them. These structures offer adequate insulation for protecting the construction structure from harsh weather conditions. The thickness of the customizable panels ranges from 60-200mm and offers different degrees of insulation. These are insulated sandwich panels of two metal sheets protecting a core in the middle. 

Advanced TSSC seam roof panels

Sandwich insulated panels in West Africa have brilliant features, including operating across varying temperatures. The core is made of dense polyurethane that guarantees longer life and higher performance. TSSC seam panels have an advanced mechanism that uses tongue and groove and there is a gasket that minimizes heat loss. The panels have a higher strength-to-weight value that offers the enhanced load-supporting capability and more durability. The core materials for seam insulated panels are affordable compared to other materials of different structural designs. The panels are easy to install that use a single-shot resin infusion process. The maintenance costs are low owing to their toughness.

The varying panel width and height

The sandwich panels offer fire-resisting capacities. It can resist temperatures more than 1000 degrees centigrade. The sandwich insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa build high-quality composite panels. This ensures the safety of lives and property. The width of the panel may vary from one company to another. Generally, most metal roof panels are between 12” and 18” in width, the 16’’ width is most common. The height of the panels referred to as rib height is of no less importance. Most standing seam systems can have approx—1” to a 3” seam. However, 1½” and 2” are common choices. 

Final words

If you are looking for an easy-to-install insulated refrigerated panel with good strength and great performance, trust TSSC solutions. TSSC Group is one of the pioneers in manufacturing construction and building solutions. We have been designing solutions for more than 50 years. TSSC since 1975, has emerged as the leader in the Middle East. We are an ISO 9001 certified company that produces a comprehensive and wide range of building materials. We have clients from various industries of all sizes. Create a solution for your next project. TSSC Group is the right place for the deal. Request for a quote.