Modern and durable standing seam roof panels from TSSC – Understanding your roofing needs

A standing seam roof is a very long-lasting, adaptable, and modern roofing choice. When you consider a home, the roof is an essential part and you cannot compromise on its quality. A roof that is well-designed and sturdy enhances the value of the house. If you need insulation, it’s good to add roof panels vertically across the roof’s entire length. There are adequate seams for creating a connection between one panel and then another. 


Easy to install standing seam panels:

The installation process is not the same as it is done for a traditional roof. A solid form of coverage is needed that shows movement due to thermal expansion. This form of roofing is a metal panel system that uses a hidden fastener. The panel is attached to the roof deck by fastening directly to the decking material or by clipping. 

Seam roof panels allow ample thermal movement, which is beneficial. Sometimes, the expansion and contraction could be hindered; it can interfere with the thermal movement. There could be problems like noise, oil canning, fastener withdrawal, and some other issues. Here, the panels are not pinned and this means that they are highly expandable and allow seamless contraction. This is evident if the expansion slider/clips are installed, or it could be a snap locking mechanism for free movement. 


TSSC offering insulated panels and accessories as well:

Are you looking for insulated roof panels in the UAE? Our panels are incredibly durable and do not rust easily. The usual roof is prone to damage and leakages, but when panels are joined with each other, the seams are raised for unparalleled protection. These roofs have a beauty of their own in terms of look and design. The outer sheets of the seams are manufactured in different shapes and colors. There are various materials available to ensure that you find a solution catering to your budget, taste, and requirements. We also house various accessories, including tapers, skylights, roof penetration, and other stuff that match the roof design. 


Affordable panels from TSSC:

If you think whether a standing seam roof would be the optimal choice for your property, our solution is suitable for barns and city structures. We have expert consultants who can offer the right kind of style and pattern. Are you worried about the pricing? We assure you that the investment is worth it. Comparing the insulated roof panels’ price to asphalt and shingle roofing, the former is a bit expensive. Our panels are well known for reliability and durability, it’s beneficial in the long run. These panels are zero maintenance; you need to spend little money on maintenance and upkeep. 


Operates under Harwal BASECO brand:

TSSC has come up with modern roofing solutions that our clients have accepted; they are content with the quality. Vertical roof panels from TSSC need trained professionals for installation and maintenance. 


TSSC’s Harwal BASECO standing roof systems are structural roofs that are mechanically field seamed. The panels are long-lasting and can stand against all-weather conditions and resistance against wind. The standing seam roofing sheets are tapered and curved, and can meet all construction requirements. 


Final words:

TSSC is one of the most renowned and most experienced standing seam suppliers in the Middle East. TSSC has manufactured insulated panels for more than four decades; quality is what defines the brand.

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