Why must you install cold storage panels from TSSC in the UAE?

In the Middle Eastern region, the weather is very harsh and fluctuating. It gets challenging to run a business without a commercial interior that has controlled temperature. Temperature plays a significant role during the storage of perishable items. The food, flower, wine, beverage, and medicine industry depend a lot on cold storages. When you set up cold storage, controlling the temperature is of utmost importance. If the business is a small one, a big-size fridge or a cellar would be sufficient, but when the business starts expanding, you need a cold store room that is adequately insulated. 

A close look at the benefits of TSSC panels

Invest in cold storage panels from TSSC while constructing the cold store interior. These panels come with too many benefits. So, let’s take a look at the advantages of our cold store panels

Adequate insulation

TSSC cold room panels have concrete insulation properties. When you wish to control the refrigerated room temperature, thermal conductivity plays a significant role. We have panels that rely on cell structure or board insulation, and this could offer immense insulation. 

Flexibility and safety to the core 

TSSC panels used for cold rooms are extremely versatile. Our panels come in an array of shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. Our panels are suitable for interior walls, roofs, exterior walls, etc. TSSC insulated cold storage panels are incredibly durable, offering a lifetime performance; the panels are safe to use, hygienic and have a fire-rating. Our panels are very popular for being flexible in terms of design and flexibility.                                                                     

Low maintenance panels from our house 

Businesses that are gradually expanding and start-ups are generally on a tight budget. They cannot ignore the importance of an active cooling system, but they would be relieved if the maintenance cost is low. These panels help in faster and more efficient construction; the installation is done in only one-step. Zero-maintenance cost helps to keep the operational costs down. 

TSSC manufactures innovative solutions:

TSSC are the leaders in manufacturing and designing insulated panels and building materials in the Middle East. We have a team that is continually researching and trying to come up with innovative solutions. We have more than four decades of experience in manufacturing various building solutions. Discuss your projects with us; call us with your queries regarding cold store panels. 

Energy efficiency

The energy cost is the most critical factor; it is higher in the UAE. Cost-cutting is an essential requirement for most industries. There are specific temperature regulations, and this is why you need to spend a higher amount of money on cooling. Our cold room panels help in keeping the cost minimum, allowing you to save more on bills. Our panels are capable of using the least energy and stabilize the atmosphere of the location. Each TSSC panel ensures that there is absolutely no thermal drift; this also contributes to savings. TSSC panels can reduce the operating costs by 50% approx. 

Final words

TSSC has recently launched the HVAC pre-insulated ductwork; apart from that, we also have mobile refrigerating systems, portable skid-mounted systems set up in moving units. Ready to set up your own cold storage, install TSSC cold storage panels. Discuss your projects with us; request a quote.