Do not ignore warehouse insulation and other maintenance – Installing TSSC’s sandwich panels

Expanding your business depends a lot on setting up warehouses for sufficient storage. The supply chain system should in no way be disrupted. Generally, warehouses require adequate space and they are set up in remote locations. Businesses that deal with perishable and temperature-sensitive items have to rely to a great extent on cold storages and warehouses. These units are spaces for safe storage, stock maintenance, proper packaging and finally shipping. It is very important to maintain the interior of your warehouse by installing warehouse sandwich panels in West Africa. Reaching out to your customers and improving your business is easier when you focus on warehousing.

About sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are rigid and durable metal sheets on both the sides covering a core in the middle. The panels are named so because the arrangement of the panels look similar to a sandwich. You can select the core material based on your requirements. Sandwich panels are lightweight but have a higher load resistance. TSSC Group manufactures sandwich panels for commercial and residential purposes. The panels are FM-approved and certified. The panel’s sandwich is non-flammable, and they have self-extinguishing properties. TSSC warehouse sandwich panels in West Africa are moisture-resistant and resist mold or bacterial growth. The panels do not release any toxins during the manufacturing process and do not produce waste.

Warehouse insulation is important

Warehouse insulation should never be ignored because energy efficiency is a very important factor. The warm air should not enter the warehouse and hinder the chilled temperature inside. The cooling system needs to work harder to offer the desired cooling and this increases the energy bills. We suggest installing insulated sandwich panels. Warehouse sandwich panels in West Africa are simple and hassle-free to install.The slip joint along with cam-lock technology makes the assembling process simpler. The panels do not require expensive maintenance or everyday cleaning. TSSC Group offers a yearly maintenance which is sufficient to keep the panels in good condition.

TSSC Group – one of the leading companies in West Africa 

TSSC Group is a renowned company with almost 50 years of industry experience. TSSC Group is the leader in the building and construction industry in West Africa. We manufacture customized insulated panels, roofing and cladding solutions. Our certified engineers implement modern technologies while manufacturing solutions for your projects. TSSC Group stresses on creating greener solutions because we are aware of the environment. We do not want to overuse the available natural resources. We also use solar power in industrial cooling processes. Our engineers have designed innovative solar panels for powering the refrigerated units.

Final words

Are you planning to set up a warehouse or renovate your existing warehouse because it is not insulated? We are renowned for being one of the leading sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa. We are here to offer expert opinions on warehousing and commercial refrigeration. TSSC Group caters to clients from all industries and our solutions are affordable. We meet bulk freezer requirements based on your budget and requirements. Discuss with our experts for an effectivesolution— get in touch with us and request a quote.