The popularity of refrigerated truck boxes in East Africa from TSSC Group

Refrigerated trucks are uniquely designed trucks that are functional for transporting perishable goods like vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat, medicines, flowers and other sensitive items. Refrigerated trucks are also called ‘reefer trucks,’ designed to haul perishable goods. They are different from cooling vans which are simply vented and insulated. A refrigerated truck box in East Africa uses different cooling systems, you might see cryogenic cooling and diesel-powered generators. The units function on a closed system that removes heat and maintains a steady temperature. They collect and pump heat all over the system. 

Knowing the refrigerated unit and cooling system

The compressor: A tiny engine inside the reefer unit initiates the compressor. The compressor pulls gaseous refrigerant and compresses it. The high pressure liquefies the gas. This distributes the heat to the body of the compressor. The refrigerant goes through the condenser. 

The condenser: It receives liquid from the compressor and initiates the heat exchange process. The hot liquid flows to the walls of the tube and then goes to the fins. The process is like how a radiator cools an engine.

The evaporator: The evaporator remains inside the trailer. The refrigerant has given the majority of its heat to the condenser and it becomes a cool liquid. This goes into the evaporator through the metering valve which controls the cooling rate. The cold refrigerant expands inside the evaporator and turns into gas. It absorbs a good amount of heat from the finned coils. The air inside the trailer blows over the evaporator and the air goes back into the compressor. 

Take a look at the parts of a refrigerated truck box in East Africa:


  • Insulated box
  • Reefer unit
  • Air ride suspension
  • Air chute
  • Tire inflation systems 


TSSC Group manufactures an innovative range of truck-mounted chiller and freezer truck bodies under the brand name Celsius. The corners and edges of the vehicle body are shielded using special extruded aluminum profiles and the insulated body is designed to hold temperatures that range from +15na°C to -40°C. Companies use reefer units to maintain the low temperature. You can set a reefer unit to a certain temperature to maintain the temperature of a product. For instance, the degree may vary in the case of frozen meat and other similar products. 

TSSC Group – a leader in East Africa

TSSC Group is one of the leaders in offering insulation and building supply solutions in East Africa. We have almost 50 years of experience in offering construction solutions. We are a renowned truck body manufacturer in East Africa. We are the leaders in offering customized cooling solutions in the country. Our team of builders and manufacturers cater to every industry with portable and non-portable freezer systems. They are durable, affordable and insulated. TSSC Group employs the latest techniques to manufacture insulated vehicle bodies to the highest standards. Our modern techniques guarantee thermal efficiency and durability. We offer cost-efficient commercial cold storage and customized refrigerated truck box in East Africa. 

Final words

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