The reasons why you should install warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa

Warehouses and cold storages play a big role in business growth. Those dealing with a huge number of perishable items can store items for a longer period. You can reach out to more customers and other benefits with a proper warehouse. Having a warehouse is important but insulating it is even more. We suggest installing warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa.

Getting familiar with sandwich panels

They have named sandwich panels because they look exactly like a sandwich. The panels have rigid metal sheets on both sides that cover the core material lying sandwiched in the middle. Our sandwich panels are certified and FM-approved. These panels are insulated as they resist fire, heat and sound. Warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa are not toxic and not much waste material is formed during manufacturing. 

How important is the insulation?

Maintaining a constant temperature inside the warehouse is the basic requirement. These storage units are used to keep many items in low temperatures. Warehouses ensure smooth business functioning by keeping the supply more than the demand. Warehouses use a heavy cooling system that performs constantly. They consume a lot of energy resulting in high energy bills. You should insulate the warehouse interior to lower the energy consumption. If the interior gets chilled quickly, a good amount of energy will be saved. This can result in low energy monthly bills. Some savings are good because you can invest in other business areas. This is the benefit of installing warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa. The installation process is simple. The panels are fitted with slip-joint and implement the cam-lock technology. This makes the installation process easier. Maintaining these panels is pretty simple and they do not require daily upkeep. Book a yearly maintenance plan with the TSSC Group. 

TSSC Group – offering warehouse and cold storage solutions

TSSC Group is one of the reputed companies in West Africa that offers building and construction solutions. We are one of the pioneers in offering roofing and cladding solutions in West Africa. TSSC Group designs insulated panels for commercial interiors like cold storage, warehouses and refrigerated vehicles. TSSC Group develops eco-friendly solutions because we care for the environment. TSSC group installed warehouses are cold storage of any capacity tailored according to your requirements. TSSC offers solutions for food, medicine, logistics and distribution industries. We install insulated ceilings, walls and floor panels. We also install air duct systems and insulated doors for commercial and residential applications. 

Final words

Do you own a warehouse that requires insulation? You might have installed FRP panels a few years back that are now worn out and damaged. Choose a renowned company among the sandwich panel manufacturers in East Africa. TSSC Group offers expert and customized solutions for your project. We assign a dedicated project manager for the smooth execution of your project. We do the planning and implementation and ensure on-time delivery. Affordability is the key. We offer solutions keeping in mind the budget factor. Book a free discussion with our experts and we could offer an effective solution. You can call us or email us. Request a quote.