Here are the reasons why you should invest in display chillers in Saudi Arabia

Do you have a restaurant business? Are you owning a pub and don’t know where to store the foods and beverages to attract potential customers? However, you also need to consider that the items stay fresh and edible for the longest time. Get the customized display chillers from Saudi Arabia. TSSC is one of the well-known manufacturers to provide you with chillers that attract random customers and ensure to keep the edibles at a specific temperature for as long as you want. The display chillers are a great promotional tool and have made their way to the pubs, restaurants, and clubs for visibility and ensuring storage of the edibles.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing the display chiller from TSSC.

Thermal insulation paves the way for energy efficiency 

The display chillers in Saudi Arabia have glass windows and locked doors that ensure an air-tight compartment. The glass windows ensure visibility of the products but also locks in the cold air inside. However, you can ask TSSC to customize the products and design the glass windows for aesthetics. The display chillers offer thermal insulation to the highest degree to ensure that the products don’t rot and resist external weather conditions. The chillers can control humidity and are resistant to molds and water. TSSC manufacturers build the chillers keeping in mind the amount of heat insulation. However, due to thermal insulation, the chillers offer optimal energy efficiency as well. The air coolers inside the refrigerated unit do not need to work 24×7 and can lead to lower energy consumption, thereby reducing the utility bills. In addition, TSSC display chillers are extremely hygienic and help to save your money in the long run.

TSSC chillers have internal lighting 

Did you know customized display chillers in Saudi Arabia manufactured by TSSC come with internal LED lights? The LED lights consume less energy compared to ordinary lighting. One can customize these lights as shelf-lighting or as vertical lights – depending upon the business requirements. The LED lights are necessary as they can be a great marketing tool and illuminate the refrigeration to attract the customers like a magnet. The edibles look all the more yummy and delicious in LED lighting. The TSSC display chillers are lightweight and strategically customized to grab attention. The maintenance of these chillers is easier because they are waterproof and don’t get dirty easily.

Book your free consultation 

Are you planning to get a custom-made display chiller exclusively for your business? Then, get in touch with TSSC Group. Our engineers provide you with customized chillers and after-sales support. Our chillers have heavy-duty castor wheels and self-closing doors. The energy-efficient chillers also have night blinds and adjustable shelves with a good height to ensure all the edibles are laid out in an organized manner attracting potential customers. In addition, our TSSC chillers do not make noise and maintain temperatures that are digitally controlled with LED lights.

Get talking with our engineers today. Book a free consultation session and request a no-obligation quote. With more than 48 years of experience, TSSC can provide you with high-quality chillers at reasonable prices. Promote your products using display chillers. Call us now!