How refrigerated truck boxes in Saudi Arabia are helping in the advancement of business?

Do you need to transport cold perishable items or need to carry hot meals long distance? There are portable cooling and heating units and this has been possible due to the advancement of technology. Companies are implementing modern techniques to design innovative solutions. Now you can always find a unit with the correct temperature no matter what type of cargo you need to carry. There are even vehicles that can carry hot and cold items because science is now unimaginable. A refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia is the answer to all you worry about transporting items from cold storages to various distribution stations.

Defining a cold chain

Cold chain is maintaining the continuous supply of temperature-sensitive and perishable goods. This chain is also about the planning that lies behind the successful transporting of the products for long distances without damaging them. Reefer trucks are in higher demand because it gives businesses a scope to enter the market but only if they meet the FDA norms. The food-delivery and medicine industry are expanding at a rapid pace. Cold chain management will ensure the transportation of quality products safely to various locations from a

cold store room Saudi Arabia.

TSSC’s cold store panels in Saudi Arabia and cooling vehicles keeps the chilled air inside and ensures that no warm air leaks outside. This results in power saving and the energy bill is lighter on your pocket. TSSC reefer trucks are manufactured with only 6 six insulated cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. There are several compartments inside the vehicles and they can hold the chilled temperature intact for even 10 hours in case there is a power failure. The corners and edges of the vehicle body are protected using aluminum sheets in extruded form. The truck bodies are 7 meters long and 3 meters wide. We design cooling vehicles under the brand Celsius.

TSSC Group – designing commercial refrigeration

TSSC Group showcases modern building and construction products for more than 50 years. We design modern insulated solutions that are helping cold storages and warehouse function. TSSC’s cold store panels in Saudi Arabia are customized and designed based on your requirements. We look into the budget factor while designing solutions. We suggest the capacity of the cold room according to client requirements. Our engineers design insulated walls, ceiling and floor. TSSC Group designs customized cold store solutions. We cater to industries that include logistics, distribution centers and the food industry. TSSC Group designs durable, waterproof and climate-resistant refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia.

Expert project management

Refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia have made transporting perishable goods easier. The perishable goods can be transported without fearing spoilage. This is helping businesses grow by keeping up with the demand and supply. Due to the damaging negative effects on the environment, companies are selling eco-friendly insulated cooling trucks. This helps to reduce the greenhouse effects that are related to transporting chilled food. Book a consultation for free with our experts and discuss your project with us. We offer customized solutions based on the budget and requirement of your project. The TSSC team takes care of your project from planning phase to execution. We ensure timely delivery of your project.

Final words

Your business is important and the products are valuable. Replacing damaged items is expensive and consumes a lot of time. Find a reefer truck that suits your needs. Are you not sure where to start? Get in touch with us. Request a no-obligation quote.