Sandwich panels are a preferred choice for roofing and cladding

Sandwich panels are heavily used for roofing and cladding; these panels are mainly used to build logistic buildings, warehouses, offices, cold storages, shopping arcades, sports complexes, and more. TSSC in the Middle East is one of the biggest insulated panel manufacturers. We offer various building and construction solutions; TSSC excels in designing sandwich panels fixed to a firm steel framework.  


Sandwich panels are made of layers and offer the right kind of insulation. These panels are extremely functional. There is a center and the two sides are covered with thin insulating layers. The core inside is a thermo-insulating material that can absorb excess moisture, heat, and fire and not let cold affect the environment. The exterior portion covers and protects the core; it also acts as a decorative covering. The core is extremely sturdy, and it’s incredibly lightweight. The outer layers protect the core from various weather conditions, forces, and impacts. 


The core is instrumental; it plays a very important role. The core is generally made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), PIR (Polyurethane), polyisocyanurate, and mineral wool. You can choose any one of the materials for designing the core—all of those differences in terms of insulation, in terms of both sound and heat. Many businesses now prefer our sandwich panels in the UAE. The weather in the Middle East is extreme and harsh, so insulation is of utmost importance. TSSC sandwich insulated panels are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. The company has a group of expert architects for designing the panels. We share expert opinions and consultation; we customize your solution based on the building structure. 


TSSC sandwich panels are incredibly affordable, but the pricing varies based on which insulated core, material, and thickness you prefer. In case you are a budget buyer, invest in the EPS core and if looking for a reliable solution, choose to install PIR. Mineral wool has excellent fire-resistance and soundproofing.


TSSC panel has unparalleled insulation, is water-resistant, and is low maintenance. The outer surface of the panels is non-porous and easy to clean. With occasional cleaning, you can keep the panels clean to keep the panels newer for a longer time. You can order our panels directly from the manufacturing company or do it through the distributor chain. You also have a team of representatives who visit your site for a consultation. 


TSSC sandwich panels can make the building process easier, faster, and cost-effective. Our company has a team of quality control experts who handle the final delivery process to ensure the perfect products reach your site. The transportation is easy; installation is super easy and hassle-free. Faster construction means low construction costs, and this means more ROI. 


Do you have a project so planning to install insulated panels in the UAE? Consult with the TSSC experts if you are looking for affordable insulated panels within your budget and requirements. TSSC operates in the Middle East, and we are reputed for offering solid construction, insulation, and building solutions for more than four decades. 


We request clients to shop from one store; you can find panels along with all accessories. We follow the one-manufacturer policy. TSSC is one of the top sandwich panel manufacturers in the UAE.