Why are sandwich panels in UAE a beneficial proposition in prefabrication?

Investing in premium quality sandwich panels is essential for prefab buildings. The panels are composite structures and an integral part of prefab constructions. The panels get the name ‘sandwich’ because of the insulated core sandwiched between two metal sheets. The insulated core supports the outer two layers and acts as a composite block with good structural strength. Besides offering good insulation and structural strength, the panels are in demand for being a cost-effective choice. TSSC Group manufactures and customizes high-end sandwich panels within a budget. Here are a few reasons to show that TSSC sandwich panels in UAE are a worthwhile investment for the long haul.

Thermal insulation

It is a well-known fact that sandwich panels offer good thermal insulation. Thermal insulation is very different from thermal conductivity and depends on the thickness and material used. Prefab buildings primarily prefer sandwich panels because of their insulation qualities. The panels play a vital role in keeping the indoor temperature cool and radiating off the outside heat back to the atmosphere. The energy-efficient panels help cut costs normally incurred from regular usage of air coolers and ACs in traditional buildings. In addition, the panels reduce mold development and balance the humidity levels that result from thermal movement and condensation. Depending on the local weather, building type, thermal and load-bearing requirements, the thickness of the sandwich panels gets altered and customized by the experts at TSSC Group.

Fire-resistant panels 

Sandwich panels that have a mineral wool insulated core can prevent fire outbreaks. The need for fireproof prefab structures is on the rise. Investing in fire-resistant panels can ensure the safety of the working staff, and inventory is a good decision. The fire-resistant sandwich panels are waterproof, leak-proof, and comply with the FM and FDA guidelines to control an outbreak for at least an hour. Before customizing the fire-resistant sandwich panels in UAE, the height and area of the building need to be accessed for the feasibility of the installation. TSSC professionals have customized sandwich panels with heat resistance up to 1000° C or higher.

Better strength to weight ratio 

Compared to traditional laminates, the sandwich panels have better strength-to-weight ratios. Although the panels are lightweight, the material can endure heavy loads at ease. This is a huge advantage as contractors can purchase fewer materials for a required capacity. In addition, it saves shipping costs, which again becomes a win-win situation.


TSSC sandwich panels have a reputation for lasting 40 to 50 years with minimal maintenance. There is no need for regular monthly maintenance. Yearly professional care is enough to keep the panels in good condition for the long haul. The lightweight panels require fewer transportation costs and are comparatively easier to install. Sandwich panels are a one-time investment and do not require frequent repairs or replacements, making them an economical choice.

Affordable choice 

The insulated sandwich panels are cost-effective as the core materials are far cheaper than composite reinforcement. In addition, the durable sandwich panels are recyclable and last for several years, thereby proving that it’s a good value for money.

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