Standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia – The most recommended roofing solution

Popularly acknowledged as the lifetime roofing system, the standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is hugely recommended by builders, architects and contractors. Agricultural, industrial, commercial and even residential complexes hire insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia for a customized roofing system that’s durable and offers excellent thermal insulation. TSSC Group is one of the leaders in manufacturing high-quality seam roof panels that are extremely functional and long-lasting. The architecturally superior roofing system is one of the most coveted choices amongst all others. Here is a list of reasons why you need to choose a standing seam roof from TSSC and ignore all other options.

Optimal thermal insulation provided by the cool metal roof 

Did you know the standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is popularly known as the cool metal roof? It’s because the seam roof has excellent weather resistivity and can restrict the heat outside from entering the inner chambers. The air-tight roof doesn’t allow the cold air to escape. The roof gets manufactured with unique cooling pigments that reflect atmospheric heat and the Sun’s rays back into the atmosphere, ensuring that the inner chambers remain cool for the longest time. The metal roof does not get heated up and thus, the name ‘cool metal roof’. You can get this cool roof customized as per your specifications from TSSC Group. Our experienced manufacturers understand, advise and serve as per your project specifications.

Energy-efficient roofing system

The customized roof panels manufactured by the insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia do not only offer optimal thermal insulation, but are energy efficient as well. The hot climate of Saudi Arabia needs the air cooling system to function 24×7, which can lead to high utility bills and excessive energy consumption. Thermal insulation addresses the problem. Due to insulation, the automated air coolers do not need to work 24×7 to maintain the cold temperatures. As a result, the air coolers automatically switch off and the energy consumption goes down – resulting in lower utility bills and more savings in the long run.

Durability of the lifetime roofing system

The standing seam roof is the lifetime roof as it’s highly durable and can easily last for 60 years or even longer. The seam roof is lightweight, but it’s highly sturdy and extremely easy to install. The weather-resistant roof can survive wind uplifts and has a high degree of fire resistivity. In addition, the seam roof is easy to maintain. Yearly professional cleaning of the roof ensures its longevity and also enhances its thermal insulation performance. TSSC manufacturers build impact-resistant roofs keeping in mind the need for longevity with minimal upkeep. As a result, the roof lasts twice the operational life of alternative roofing shingles, which makes it a favorite choice among contractors and developers.

Customize the roof panels with TSSC 

If you are looking for a durable, insulated and energy-efficient roofing system for your project, then come to TSSC. With almost 50 years of experience, our engineers offer a free consultation for your project. We give you expert advice and also provide you with customized solutions. Get in touch with us for a one-to-one discussion. Request a quote now.