The rising demand for TSSC Group’s cold storages and refrigerated trucks in Qatar

The demand for industrial refrigeration will never cease to maintain a balance between the demand and the supply of perishable items. A cold store room in Qatar is a huge unit that stores bulk items and facilitates business expansion. There was a time when transporting perishable goods was a hassle because they had a chance of perishing due to the temperature difference. Now, with technological advancement, companies are manufacturing refrigerated trucks. The rise of refrigeration is even more crucial due to the hot climate of the Middle East region. A refrigerated truck box in Qatar is equipped with coolers that are capable of keeping items fresh for longer duration.

Why is commercial refrigeration important?

Refrigeration is a very essential part of business because it helps storage of perishable items in bulk. Various products are locally shipped both nationally and regionally. Items like edibles, medicines, personal care, chemicals and engineered goods require storage in a cool dry place. You cannot gather or stock to keep up with the demand unless you have an efficient refrigeration. The cooler works relentlessly inside the refrigerated truck box in Qatar to maintain a constant low temperature inside. The slightest amount of leakage can cause the cool air to go outside and this creates a pressure on the cooling system. Adequate insulation makes sure that a constant low temperature is maintained inside effortlessly without a hefty energy bill.

Highly efficient TSSC refrigerated trucks

TSSC modern cooling trucks are facilitated with adequate insulation that helps in maintaining the chilled temperature inside and keeps items fresh. The cooling trucks are made of  six cold store insulated panels These cooler trucks provide very low  temperatures to keep items fresh during long-distance transportation. The segments  inside the refrigerated vehicles hold the temperature for a minimum of 8 to10 hours after switching off the  cooler. A refrigerated truck box in Qatar ensures fresh food delivery, both cooked and uncooked. These trucks transport special drugs to retain the efficiency. These drugs have strict temperature requirements for proper storage.  Cold drinks and other beverages are transported inside these vehicles in large quantities. These vehicles are disinfected at frequent intervals and rightly maintained for efficiency.

TSSC Group – Premium commercial refrigeration solutions

TSSC Group has more than 50 years of experience in offering commercial cooling solutions. We are the leaders in offering construction and engineering solutions. We design insulated panels and refrigerated truck box in Qatar that are waterproof, durable and weather-resistant. Our cooling vehicles are robust and lightweight. We customize cold store panels or the cooling trucks based on your requirements. Refrigerated trucks have made transportation of perishable goods easier from one warehouse to another. We have rich experience in designing insulated panels for roofing and cladding. We have the knowledge, expertise and resources to offer clients with a wide range of cladding choices. 

Final words

Book a consultation and we do not charge anything for that. Please consult  with our experts for a refrigerated truck box in Qatar. We look after your project from the planning to final execution and timely delivery. Discuss your next project with us. Get connected with the TSSC experts today. Request a quote.