TSSC Group – manufacturing refrigerated trucks in East Africa

Warehouses and cold storages are there in plenty but now transportation of perishable goods is no more a headache. There was a time when items used to get spoiled during the transportation from warehouses. It was due to the temperature difference. Now there are modern portable cooling units for easy transportation. A refrigerated truck box in East Africa helps businesses deliver perishable goods at the distribution hubs. Now commercial refrigeration has become an integral part of any business. TSSC cooling trucks are facilitated with technologically advanced cooling systems that help retain the chilled state for an extended duration. 

Refrigerated truck box built using six panels 

A refrigerated truck box in East Africa is a modern solution that has made transporting perishable goods easier and least challenging. These trucks are facilitated with a strong cooling system that can maintain temperatures ranging from +15 degrees to -40 degrees Celsius. TSSC cooling trucks are built using six insulated panels. These vehicles are air-tight and have the capacity for heavy cooling. The chill air will remain inside even if the cooler fails to perform. There are inner chambers that remain frozen for about 8-10 hours. TSSC Group’s walk-in cold rooms are transported to the customer site and the assembling is done on-site. Some of our walk-ins operate at extremely low temperatures. 

Catering to a wide range of industries

TSSC Group manufactures insulated ceiling, wall and floor panels. Our engineers design pre-insulated air duct systems for commercial and residential use. We design cold storage solutions for industries including food, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and distribution. These units require a certain temperature and can regulate the humidity levels to store products under dry and low temperatures. We customize efficient freezer vans of different shapes and sizes. Our insulated panels are moisture-resistant and resist mold or bacterial growth on the surface. The refrigerated truck bodies do not corrode and they have brought immense development in warehousing and logistics. 

TSSC Group – the market leaders in East Africa

TSSC Group is a reputed company in East Africa having more than 50 years of expertise. We cater to clients from various industries. We are the construction market leaders offering insulated solutions in East Africa. TSSC Group is a renowned truck body manufacturer in East Africa. We customize insulated panels and cooling units according to your business requirements. We have a team of expert builders and manufacturers that design portable and non-portable cooling units. Please discuss with us a feasible solution related to your project. We have trained experts to handle your project from initiation to completion. TSSC Group installs cold stores and cold rooms of a certain capacity tailored to your budget and requirements. TSSC Group focuses on creating greener solutions and being conscious of the environment. 

Final words

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