TSSC Group – a reputed and leading truck body manufacturer in East Africa

Commercial refrigeration has become a very important part of the business. Industries like food, medicine, beverages and those dealing with other perishable goods rely on commercial refrigeration. Cold storage and warehouses are growing in numbers but the transportation segment is not behind. Items are stored at low temperatures to prevent spoilage. What happens to the items when transported to the distribution center? This is why there are refrigerated trucks. These vehicles are fitted with an advanced cooling system that keeps the items chilled for a long time. A refrigerated truck box in East Africa has helped businesses cope with the challenges of transporting perishable goods. 

Refrigerated truck box in East Africa– an invention of modern science

A refrigerated truck box in East Africa is an invention of modern science. The truck is facilitated with a strong cooling system that can maintain temperatures ranging from +15 degrees to -40 degrees Celsius. TSSC cooling trucks are built using six insulated panels. The vehicles are air-tight which is a boon because if the cooler fails to perform, the inner chambers can remain frozen for about 8-10 hours. 

TSSC Group uses solar energy

TSSC Group is using solar panels to power the cooling units. This application is ideal for refrigerated trucks and trailers. TSSC Group is harnessing the sun’s power to aid the transport refrigeration industry. Some of the benefits are: 

  • Less power consumption
  • Cost-saving on fuel
  • Low maintenance
  • Lesser noise pollution
  • Long battery life and green technology


Catering to a wide range of industries

The engineers at TSSC Group manufacture insulated ceiling, wall and floor panels. TSSC Group designs pre-insulated air duct systems for commercial and residential use. We design cold storage solutions for the food, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and distribution industry. These units require a specific temperature and maintain certain humidity levels to store products under low temperatures. TSSC Group customizes freezer vans of different shapes and sizes. Our insulated panel is water-resistant and repels mold and mildew formation on its surface. The refrigerated truck bodies are robust, non-corrosive and functional. These vehicles have brought about development in logistics. 

TSSC Group – designing customized insulated panels

TSSC Group is a renowned company in East Africa having more than 50 years of expertise. We are the construction and building market leaders offering insulated solutions in East Africa. TSSC Group is a renowned truck body manufacturer in East Africa. We design customized insulated panels and cooling units for your business requirements. We have a team of expert builders and manufacturers that design portable and non-portable cooling units. Discuss with us if you have a project to complete. We have experts to handle your project from initiation to completion. TSSC Group installs cold stores and cold rooms of specified capacity tailored to your budget and requirements. Get expert opinion related to your project. Discuss with our experts for a solution—request a quote.